Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Goin'...... LIVE... wooooohooooo!

I'm Max

This has to be close to one of the biggest things that's ever happened to me. I have my own blog. I've dreamed of it. Never allowed myself to really believe it .... my dream has come true.

Today... I have a voice. Watch out world. I'm ready to spill my guts. I've kept all sorts of thoughts between my furry ears for too long. I'm ready to cut loose. I mean, as a photographer and writer, I'm just beside myself that I finally have a forum. I'm thrilled to have a forum.

I'm gonna bring you tales and tails from the world of Catdom. And I'm hoping you'll talk back to me.... Yes, this is for you too. Here are some of the things I intend to bring you...

  • book reviews
  • product reviews
  • humor
  • celebrity cat sightings
  • recipes
  • sports
  • polls and surveys
  • contests
  • philosophical rantings and ravings
  • photos of my favorite places and things
  • photos of my favorite cats and yours
  • medical news
  • food news
  • thoughts from guest authors
  • green cat tips
  • stories of my life and yours
  • music to stomp your paws to
  • tips on how to be a better pet
  • tips on how to drive your "owner" crazy
  • I'll cover it all
  • and much much more
Stop by often to see what's happening and for a Cattitude Adjustment...

Let me end with one of my favorite poems...

Crunchies on the floor

.......... that's what I adore

....................................oh yeah.


Noodles said...

This is going to be awesome!! Can't wait to share my thoughts too.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Thanks for the comment Noodles. I'll look forward to that.

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