Sunday, June 14, 2009

Max... on Thinking Outside the Box

When speaking in terms of creativity, thinking outside the box is a good thing. It can help you write better, help you paint better, draw better, or even invent a more fantastic thing-a-ma-jig. Make a habit of brainstorming and pushing yourself a bit beyond your limits. It'll give you a chance to see what you can do.

HOWEVER... a word of warning to my feline friends... for kitties, most things outside the box are not good. My tip for the day is: if you are a kitty, stay inside the box and your humans will think you're a genius. For everyone else: Go For It!


Noir in Texas said...

I am following YOU on Twitter! I like your picture and came to your blog! What great pictures you have! Creative too--and I agree, humans need to get OUT of their box! Like the quilt too!

Noir in Texas

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