Monday, July 20, 2009

Ask Noodles: Keeping your Breath Minty Fresh

Note from Max: If you have a question for Noodles, send it to him at He will will entertain questions in any area, from how to train your food human or where's the best place to keep your catnip stash to questions from your food humans on how to handle things in their lives. Today's question is about that topic we avoic: bad breath. Read on and learn what you can do to conquer this problem once and for all. Here's Noodles..................."

Hi TheGreatNoodles

I'm very embarrassed to admit this but my breath is awful. Everytime I open my mouth creatures pass out! What can I do to make my breath smell sweeter?


Hello darling, let me first say that I know what it is to be stinky in the mouth. My food humans were never fans of my kitten kisses, and if I was taking a cat bath… they wanted nothing to do with me. My personal stink problem came from years of dental issues. My food human tried in vain to brush my teeth clean again and again, but the plaque was too set in and my gums too raw.

Last winter, I decided to take the plunge and get my teeth cleaned and rotten ones pulled (after my vet pointed out that my teeth were in terrible shape and likely infected). Believe me, I am nothing if not stoic! It turned out that one of my fangs was so bad, the infection was nearly into my wee little brain. I lost a number of teeth, including one of my super fangs, but it was worth it. After a couple of days I felt a lot better and even started playing more. My food humans were surprised so was I… I had no idea I was in that much pain.

Me after surgery with a purple bandage over my IV arm. I was high as a kite that night!

Me just 2 days after my extractions and I’m already feeling better!

My dentist gave me an enzyme mouthwash to help prevent plaque build up, they also recommended frequent brushing (I use a kids glittery toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste), and weekly applications of oraVet plaque prevention gel.

Since my food human has been keeping up with the brushings (I’m really laid back and let my food humans get away with murder), my breath has remained clean. Dental work for us felines is EXPENSIVE! The blood work alone was $250… I won’t go into what the extractions & cleaning cost. Plus, the older you are the more risky it is, so cleaning isn’t for everyone.

While dental problems are the usual culprit of halitosis, other issues can be at work including disease and digestive problems. If a dental cleaning does not solve the problem visit your vet to get a full check-up to rule out anything serious.

Products to help dental-related halitosis:

· Biotene Therapeutic Mouthwash

· Enzymatic Toothpaste Dentifric Enzymatique (Poultry Flavour)

· OraVet Gel

· Dental Treats

· Dental Food

· Sparkly Glitter Kids Toothbrush

Me today with my Elvis pucker (thanks to my missing fang).


Anonymous said...

I can do dat Elvis lip curl too cos I am missing one of my fangs. My teeth are clean and breath is sweet, but I had to get some broken teeth extracted when I was rescued. Keeping teeth clear of tartar is very important for pets to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

Emmy the cat

Noodles said...

Totally Em, I brush my teeth daily now - I think I'm in pretty good shape for it too. I have my next check-up in October so we'll see if the dentist is impressed. :)

Michelle said...

Hats off to you, Noodles, for another informative and well written column. Keep up the good work!

quark said...

oooh, you're braver than i am . i'm scared of mouthbrushes . fortunately, staff1 gives me good crunchy treats and dental diet several times a week, so the [whisper] vet [/whisper] says i don't need cleaning this year .

poultry flavored toothpaste? really? where do you get it? i might be less scared of mouthbrushes if they smelled like poultry or fish.

thanks for the great information!

Noodles said...

I get my chicken flavored toothpaste from the vet's office... actually my food human picks it up for me so I don't have to set foot in there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Noodles,

You are an inspiration for good dental hygiene and I would like to follow suit. I am 8 months old and can't imagine having my teeth brushed. Do you have any tips/instructions where to start? Although your Elvis sneer is absolutely delightful, I would like to grow old with my chompers intact. I really would like to have paw by paw instructions, if you would be so kind.

MedusaJ said...

Oh thanks Noodles - Mum is making a vet app for after her hols. She can't bear the thought of me needing her and her being away. I had a few teeth pulled last year so I may need dentures after this time!

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