Thursday, July 23, 2009

Max on .......Crazy Talk

Do food humans listen to themselves? I think not. Here are some of the comments I've caught Her Highness make, and I consider her one of the "intelligent" ones.

1. Since I'm the only pet in the household, isn't it a little strange for her to look at a little pile I've left on the floor and say to me, "Did you do that?" Duh? Really? Who else?

2. Picture this: We're at the vet. Her Highness has me in an unbreakable wrestling hold,... and she coos in my ear, "I love ya, Max. This won't hurt a bit," then they stick the thermometer you know where.

3. Her Highness throws the ball. I run and bat it around a bit,and then I walk back to her. She starts with this, "Go get the ball, Max. Bring it here, baby." You've got to be kidding. You go get it.

4. Her Highness plops some cat food in my dish and says to me, "There. Doesn't that look great?" Are you kidding? The food tastes great, but the appearance of cat food is not all that different than the pile I left on the floor in #1. Would it kill her to dress it up a bit -- maybe a sprig of parsley or something?

It's all crazy talk to me. Feel free to add your examples in the comments section. Have a great day.

Loves ya,



Michelle said...

Topaz probably thinks I'm crazy when I ask her if she wants some treaty treats. What cat doesn't want treats, LOL!

rich said...

LOL XD that article is so funny... you have a point... XD

Noodles said...

I want to know why humans always have their hands in the air waiving while shouting "Helloo!" My food human has even taken to saying "Me-how" which would be Chinese for "Hello." She thinks it sounds more like "Cat."

Humans make NO sense.

Sheng_Chi said...

You are so right, humans are so strange. They are expecting from us pussycats to act like them and even to talk to them back...You think that they should have known by now that us cats rule their house and them humans do what they want them to do...

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