Saturday, July 18, 2009

Max on...simple pleasures.

I've been thinking lately how complicated life gets sometimes with all the food humans worrying about health care and the economy, and I thought that we could help out by listing our simple pleasures, so they can see that we are attemtping to bring back the Zen...

Here are some of mine. Add yours and let's see how long the list will get.

Simple Pleasures
sun puddles
a good brushing
a sturdy lap
tipping over a glass of water without getting my head stuck in it
a scratch behind the ear
a hug until I squeak
an uninterrupted nap
What are your simple pleasures...?



d'Artangan Rumblepurr said...

Having the water tap turned on for me
Under the covers with mummy cuddles
Floor food!!!


Dewey_Cat said...

Catching things
Naps between computer screen and keyboard
Getting out in the morning
Climbing trees
Hunting dog's tail

Madi The Cat said...

My simple pleasures:
catchin' sunbeams in my Kritter Kondo
nappin' on my scratchy stool
sleeping on da couch with mama
watchin' Shrek so I can see Puss N Boots

-Madi The Cat


Laying on the quilt that Mom's trying to sew!

Rosie and Cheeto said...

Oooooo, this is fun! We're gonna add:
-peeing inside the closet undetekted
-attacking the foot monsters at nite
-a freshly cleaned litterbox

Max said...

Critter Pals....

I'm lovin' all these pleasures... keep 'em coming.

Loves ya... Max

Manxington said...

This is great idea
*twittering w/ my pals - Emmy I miss you
*Nomming on @Grimyduck
*Duckie Club and it's generous members
*Surprise human in shower with swinging paw through curtain - MOL
*Sleeping in Basket - use Grimy as pillow
*Carrot Juice!

Frances Bean said...

napping in the window in morning sun.
napping in the green chair which matches my eyes.
napping on the rug in the hall which makes mom have to walk around or over me.
getting special treats at unexpected times.

Anonymous said...

*cuddling on my mommie's legs to fall asleep
*following my mommie around da house
*escaping outside
*my mommie hearing my collar bell when I'm outside getting ready to dash back in
*greeting my mommie when she returns from work
*reading about and talking with my anipals
*and so it goes...(Smokey8-Twitter)

Max said...

I'm loving this great long list...

more, moRE, MORE!!!

loves ya, Max

JennyRosePetal said...

Fresh roasted chickie
Tweeting wif my friends
Playing wif Crinkle Fish
Getting brushed
Greeting Momma at the door when she comes home
Snuggin wif Momma on the couch

Michelle said...

The laughter of children
When my kitty Topaz licks my toes after a shower
A bright, sunny day
Visiting my niece Jade in GA
Making new friends on Twitter
Listening to good music

jyippee said...

-Attacking CatMom's leg when she walks by
-Climbing on the very top of the scaffolding
-Hiding outside in the tall grass; not coming in when we're supposed to
-Watching the birdies at the feeders
-Losing our halters & collars
-Running as fast as we can for no reason at all
-Snuggling under the covers with CatParents
-Sniffing the beautiful fresh air here in the mountains
-Our "greenie" toys
-Licking yogurt from CatDad's breakfast bowl
-Napping in our beds in the sunbeams
-Tweeting with other kitties & twitter critters

Anonymous said...

jumping up behind human as she leans forward in computer chair and snuggle in between her back and chair..nice and coozy and she thinks its cute

ownedbyacat on twitter

noodles said...

-watching the critters go by outside
-the bright scent of catnip
-using food humans as furniture
-smothering my sis with my gut
-ear rubbing

Brian said...

- Paper bags
- Tissue Paper

quark said...

chin scritches
napping in basket of clean laundry

Chester said...

watchin the squirrels through the screen,
gettin' cuddles
playing with my feather toy
momma's days off from school and work
sun puddles
playing with and catching moths
rolling around on cement
getting my paws dirty
watching birdies
discovering new boxes
hiding in bags

Crash said...

* Getting my tummy rubbed
* Catnip bubbles!
* When the birds visit my feeder
* Staring at the wall until my human gets up to check the wall

Anonymous said...

Smokey8 from Twitter here again:
-having my neighborhood pal, Sunshine, come to my house and napping together
-playing with my ping pong balls
-shredding paper
-getting into boxes
-meowing with my mommie (she's catlingual and understands me)
-giving massages to my mommie by kneading
-looking straight into my mom's eyes with love
Thank you

Anonymous said...

on a sunshiny day with catnip and good luvin' humans! oh..
and some purrfect home cookin', too. TREATS TREATS TREATS!
Life is good. INHALE paws wide open!!! ********* ~*CM

BeeChilly said...

From Tiki Tallulah...
stretching on the sunny deck
meowing loudly
sniffing Busby's shoulders
getting hugs from Small Boy
knowing there are other happy cats in the world

The Mooshies said...

From The Mooshies ...gazing out the window. Going outside and sitting in the grass. Hiding behind Mommy's laptop. Jumping in the bath tub. Having a human Mommy who loves us.

SassaBella said...

. the morning "crazies"
. the just-before-bedtime "crazies"
. surprising huMom by jumping on her back when she's leaning over scooping my litter
. digging around in the freshly scooped litter
. the chipmunk who comes for sunflower seeds
. huMom scratching my muzzle
. a fresh roll of T.P. to attack
. when huMom catches moths for me
. climbing the brick fireplace
. climbing the screen slider door
. Climbing!
. ...and my fave - DA' BIRD!!!!!