Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ask Noodles: Stressed Job Hunter

Note from Max: "I am so please to present the Ask Noodles column. He'll be addressing your problems weekly. Send your questions to him at Noodles will entertain questions in any area, from how to train your human or where's the best place to keep your catnip stash to questions from your humans on how to handle things in their lives. Today's question is from the latter category. Without further ado, here's Noodles................... "

Dear Noodles,

I need your advice on a job-related matter. I am at a very stressful job that has affected my health. I have been looking for another job, but with no luck. There is enough money in my account for me to be unemployed for awhile while looking for another job.

My question is this: would it be wise to take the risk and be unemployed for awhile, or do I risk my physical and mental health by staying at a job that is making me sick?


Stressed Job Hunter

Well Stressed Job Hunter, times are tough.

My food humans have been talking about it too! They’ve been desperately trying to sock away this stuff they call “money” which I gather to be very important as they spend some of that stuff on me. They’ve even mentioned that if things go bad they’ll be munching on doggie kibble to get by! Can you believe it?? Soo crazy!

Right now things are tight for a lot of people and companies. Your particular situation will really depend on where you live and what your area has to offer in the way of jobs. Other humans that I know are being asked to do more than ever within the work day… with layoffs (is that the right word?) employers are seeking workers who can “do it all” and do it for the same pay.

The cautious, nap happy side of me recommends waiting it out for several more months and re-evaluating things at that time. I suggest something like a personal six-month timeline. During those six months you will work hard to make sure that if you make a jump you can do it comfortably. Sock away all the green stuff you can (and check the local papers and online job listings daily just in case a great opportunity comes along), gather letters of recommendation from co-workers and managers (you may want to sign up with
), tighten up and update your resume, also consider continuing education towards a field of work that interests you.

Having at least 9 months (a year would be even better) worth of money in the bank will give you the liquidity you may need to jump ship. Don’t forget all the expenses you will have and may have… medical insurance (consider smaller self-employed focused insurance companies…
is one, you can google more), groceries, credit card debt, taxes, car insurance/registration, mortgage/rent, car repairs, kibble and catnip, etc.

At the end of your 6 months, evaluate your financial strength, the local and national economy (has it improved? Is it worse?), and the regional job offerings. If things seem to be aligning well, you may feel comfortable taking the jump. A word of caution, however, statistically those who are employed, fair better than those who are unemployed when seeking a new job.

I hope that things work out and that your local economy will open up and present you with a positive new direction to follow.

All good things,


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Anonymous said...

That was great advice Noodles! I'll be looking forward to your weekly column. I may even ask you a question or two! Signed: Smokey8 (Twitter)

Noodles said...

Thanks Smokey! I rubbed my little cat braincells together for that one :) Looking forward to your questions! >^..^<

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