Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Top Seven Ways to Wake Up Your Human

1. Tap your human gently on the nose with your soft paw.

2. Meow quietly in your human's ear.

3. Walk around your human on the bed, gently rocking him/her awake.

4. Walk gently up your human's sleeping body until nose-to-nose.

5. Pounce on your human's toes under the covers. Dig in gently with your claws.

6. Lean in close to your human's ear and let out a "Yeeeeeeeeeooooooooow" at full volume.

7. Get a running start, fly through the air, and land on your human's stomach.

Do you have other, better ways? Leave a comment.


Michelle said...

Brush your whiskers against your human's face.

Dunkin said...

I sometimes nip at my momma's fingers to get her to pet me and that usually wakes her up.

When she is sleeping heavily - I go and lay down on her head and take my paws and place them over her face. That always wakes her.

I wake daddy by biting his toes (it works to move him over too when you want more room on the bed)

Mystic said...

I wake my mama with little kitty kisses on her nose and purrs in her ear

Crash said...

I like to knead my human's pillow. For a REALLY long time. I guess it gets hard to ignore after the first minute.

I stand out in the hallway outside the bedroom where my meows echo and then I meow for all I'm worth.

Anonymous said...

I like to scratch the wall right behind her head... she doesn't like it much!

quark said...

three more suggestions
- a previous feline overlord in my house used to crawl under the covers and lick a protruding body part. depending on the body part you pick, sometimes they scream and sometimes they purr, but they always wake up.

- orph, my furbrother, uses this technique:

- as for me, i find that the front half of a mouse on the pillow, accompanied by a soft churrring sound, works extremely well.

MedusaJ said...

I usually stick a claw up Mum's nostril. Works a treat - u can't ignore a claw up the nostril. MedusaJ

Anonymous said...

Sumo is a big fan of the "soft paw" on Momma's nose till she wakes up. If that doesn't work, it's all about the head-butt into Momma's face. But Baby Girl just meows & meows till Momma gets her butt up outta bed. If one method doesn't work, the other does!

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