Friday, July 3, 2009

Website of the Month: Cool Cat Sites

Max at his desk working on his many writing projects

My pick for July's Website of the Month is I give it four paws on a scale of five because it covers such a range of topics.

One of the things that first caught my attention is that it has artwork right up front. All the artwork depicts beautiful cats. That's a plus. A bigger plus is if you buy one of the pieces of art, 50% of the price goes to a cat charity or rescue endeavor. The main charity is Best Friends Animal Rescue, but you can recommend where you want a portion of the money to go. That's cool!

It has a comprehensive bookstore of books about, for and by cats, and many many articles on topics from psychology of the feline to those personal issues we don't like to talk about, such as missing the litter box. You just may find the solution to your problems there.

Another positive about this website is that it leads to another website called Cool Pet Sites. This one will meet the needs of all you non-felines.

Check out my pick for July. You might find just what you need there.... The address of the website is