Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mousey Mouse is Back

Good News Kitties: After sending Fred Latimer your comments about his drawing of the little mouse waiting for the mail, he has sent more pictures of Mousie Mouse. In fact, for the delight of the kitties, I have 118 pictures of the little guy.

Fred drew the pictures years ago for his children. He put one 3 x 5 card in their lunch boxes daily. What a great treat for those children. And now, I'll be posting them from time to time for your enjoyment... Thanks Fred.


Michelle said...

That's a very cool drawing! Fred's a great artist :-).

Noodles said...

Looks like he's taking a trip by way of the regional airline. Do they provide peanuts and in flight movies?

gara said...

The 3x5 card in lunch box was such a lively idea. Daughter used to put little notes in my lunch / tote bag when I worked. The drawings of Fred's are precious!!!

Gara said...

comment typos: should've said "lovely" and URL is wrong...

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