Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Max on... Feng Shui (aarrrgh!)

"Feng shui? Oh NOooooooooo!"
Okay kitties. I need your expertise. What is it with this Feng Shui stuff? Her Highness or HH as I fondly call her (that’s my food human, for those of you who don’t know) is into this Feng Shui phase and it is driving me crazy. We’re writers, so naturally books and papers get comfortably piled around the condo. So, what’s so wrong with that?

I applaud the practice of “piling” for several reasons. First, I think it makes us look productive and creative. Second, none of it’s in my way. If a pile of books or paper is sitting in my nap spot, I just knock them off the desk, table or chair. No problem – it takes little effort on my part. And, third, having a few papers and books on the floor just makes my landing more interesting when I jump down from the desk.

But noooooooooo, HH can’t seem to get with the program here. It has something to do with serenity… a calm environment… blah, blah, blah. Well, when we first moved here, we had that Feng Shui environment and there was nothing much for me to rearrange in the wonderful way that only a cat can rearrange.

So, here we are in this battle. There’s a yard sale in a week and a half, and HH is furiously working to gather stacks and boxes and piles of stuff to try to sell to other people, so our environment will be devoid of distractions. So, our days lately go something like this: HH puts a pile of books or fabric or whatever out to be added to the yard sale, and I frantically fling my body onto the pile to save it from a wrongful demise. Then, she brings out another pile and I fling my body on it. But, “aarrrrgh” that leaves the first pile unprotected.

Oh-oh…. I’m losing ground….

Suggestions…..? I’m shedding like crazy over here.


Sheng_Chi said...

Feng Shui is not a bad thing...really, my name came from Feng Shui fanatic too....I kinda got used to it now you know...a calm environment also means calm and peaceful uninterrupted snoozing, lots of positive energy and happy humats which also means easier to work with...Us kitties live harmoniously with the good energies that surround us. So when we spend a lot of our time in artificial indoor environments, we end up suffering from all these inharmonious energies that are resent in our environment. These energies can affect our health and emotional well being you paws up for good Feng Shui.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

When you describe it ... sounds wonderful. I think it's the process of all the piles while getting to the peace and harmony that's driving me nuts.

Thanks for the positive picture. I'll look forwad to what you describe.


Sir Fudge Esq said...

I believe I have the answer for you. As a dedicated practitioner of 'quiet chaos' my advice is to leave the mess where it is , but say nothing about it. The perfect compromise between serenity and chaos.
I distrust feng shui order, I believe it masks repressed psychosis

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Sir Fudge:

Good point. I'm going to show your comment to Her Highness. I believe it just might make a difference.....


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't have anything constructive to share but I have to say that all the comments above have made me laugh and are both good advice. I try to prevent my mother from changing anything, but once she does, it's a brand new adventure to see where things are. There's human feng shui and feline feng shui and I'm not sure both can co-exist peacefully. Max, keep us posted. (signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)