Monday, October 26, 2009

Max... on Halloween

The Arch

I am so excited... my whiskers start twitching uncontrollably at odd times.

"Why?" you ask.

'Tis the season of kids wearing sheets, princess outfits, or monster suits. They come to the door in this the season of the black cat.

Now, I know that I'm not a black cat, but I do admire them during the Halloween season, and I have this habit of pretending that I am one.

I am the Trick or Treat cat for my household. I start early. I practice and I've got the moves down. I could be a black cat if my fur would cooperate.

Two weeks prior to the great night, I start practicing The Arch. It's the classic pose of the black cat. Backlight it with the moon .... and that's the essence of Halloween.

So, on the big night (Halloween) our routine will go something like this:

1. HH (Her Highness) fills a basket with those little candy bars. When the doorbell rings, I sprint to answer it. By the time HH gets to the door with ther basket, I'm...

2. in the stance..... the Trick or Treaters admire me. HH lets them pet me. I melt from the affection.

3. Happily we return to HH's chair to wait for the doorbell to ring again.

It might not sound like excitement to all of you. To me.... I love it.

Happy Holloween to all my critter pals.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Max on.... modern conveniences

There are many modern conveniences that make our feline lives ever so much better. I thought it would be fun to make a list. I'll start ... then you add your favorites as well...

1. Automatic water dispenser... It's always good to know the water bowl will never me empty.

2. Automatic feeding dish... It's equally as comforting to ensure that the food dish is always at the ready.

3. Toys containing catnip... it's always wonderful to disguise catnip in a toy. What an invention!!

Your turn. What are your favorite modern inventions or conveniences.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mousey loves a good book...

There's nothing like sitting under a tree and reading a favorite book.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... the good life!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Viva la difference - dogs and cats at play

Ever think about the differences between the likes and dislikes of dogs and the likes and dislikes of cats. WE (the cats) definitely enjoy some of the same things as chasing balls, being scratched behind the ears, and sitting on laps.

But there are many joys of being a dog that we don't share, such as playing Frisbee in the park, feeling a 60-mile-per-hour breeze in our ears as we hang our heads out the car window, and jogging on a leash through the park. No need for dogs to fear that we are about to encroach on their favorite canine activities and here's why...

First of all, there aren't enough hours in the day to make room for those activities. We'd have to substitute Frisbee and jogging time for nap time. Fat chance of that happening. We don't give up nap time for anything.

Second, we'd have to increase grooming time appreciably. I can only imagine the mess our fur and feet would incur from jogging through puddles in the park.

And third, even if we wanted to participate in those dog activities, would our food humans comply. After all, they chose us for our in-the-house, no fuss, no mess catness.

If they wanted a dog, they'd have a dog.

Viva la difference..... Am I right?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doody Calls

Her Highness brought an ad home from lunch the other day. Her friend thought I might want to blog about it. I did chuckle when I saw it.

There’s a company in our town called Doody Calls. You know what they do? Yep, people hire them to pick up the doody in the yard or in whatever area they want tidied up.

I dare say, have we evolved to a state where doody is a profession? On one hand, I suppose it’s grand because as long as we have pets there will be an unlimited supply, ensuring job security. But is it a viable profession…? I mean, when times are tough, such as right now, wouldn’t people just buy a cheap pooper scooper and save the rest of the Doody Call money to go to the movies?

And, what do you think that mother or father has to talk about on career day at school?

I suppose there’s a need for it in areas where people aren’t careful, but isn’t it a bit irresponsible of those food humans who don’t scoop the poop themselves?

And, doesn't it make you wonder who's in charge of the world when a dog can gaze out the window from their air conditioned living room and watch humans picking up their doody for them....?

(Just some of my random thoughts on the topic).

MOL… I’ve heard of it all now. Let me know what you think.