Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doody Calls

Her Highness brought an ad home from lunch the other day. Her friend thought I might want to blog about it. I did chuckle when I saw it.

There’s a company in our town called Doody Calls. You know what they do? Yep, people hire them to pick up the doody in the yard or in whatever area they want tidied up.

I dare say, have we evolved to a state where doody is a profession? On one hand, I suppose it’s grand because as long as we have pets there will be an unlimited supply, ensuring job security. But is it a viable profession…? I mean, when times are tough, such as right now, wouldn’t people just buy a cheap pooper scooper and save the rest of the Doody Call money to go to the movies?

And, what do you think that mother or father has to talk about on career day at school?

I suppose there’s a need for it in areas where people aren’t careful, but isn’t it a bit irresponsible of those food humans who don’t scoop the poop themselves?

And, doesn't it make you wonder who's in charge of the world when a dog can gaze out the window from their air conditioned living room and watch humans picking up their doody for them....?

(Just some of my random thoughts on the topic).

MOL… I’ve heard of it all now. Let me know what you think.


Michelle said...

Hahaha!!!! Doody Calls?! Are those people insane?! Glad that's not my job ;-)!

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know, I think it's nice that people afflicted with scatophilia can find a niche in society...I only worry what they do with the turds after they collect them...I don't recommend shaking their hands either...

Sheng_Chi said...

Well I'm not a bit surprised...humats are strange creatures, they will do the most unusual things anyone could think of and then they will also give them fancy titles too...you won't see many cats cleaning after other cats,dogs or humans simply because cats are the intelligent species and not humats!