Monday, October 26, 2009

Max... on Halloween

The Arch

I am so excited... my whiskers start twitching uncontrollably at odd times.

"Why?" you ask.

'Tis the season of kids wearing sheets, princess outfits, or monster suits. They come to the door in this the season of the black cat.

Now, I know that I'm not a black cat, but I do admire them during the Halloween season, and I have this habit of pretending that I am one.

I am the Trick or Treat cat for my household. I start early. I practice and I've got the moves down. I could be a black cat if my fur would cooperate.

Two weeks prior to the great night, I start practicing The Arch. It's the classic pose of the black cat. Backlight it with the moon .... and that's the essence of Halloween.

So, on the big night (Halloween) our routine will go something like this:

1. HH (Her Highness) fills a basket with those little candy bars. When the doorbell rings, I sprint to answer it. By the time HH gets to the door with ther basket, I'm...

2. in the stance..... the Trick or Treaters admire me. HH lets them pet me. I melt from the affection.

3. Happily we return to HH's chair to wait for the doorbell to ring again.

It might not sound like excitement to all of you. To me.... I love it.

Happy Holloween to all my critter pals.

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