Monday, November 30, 2009

Max on ... murder most foul.

Listen up critter pals. As you know, HH (I call my food human Her Highness for those of you reading my blog for the first time) was writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month. Well, what I didn't tell you is that I had a small part in it.

To set up this excerpt... HH named the main character Angie. Angie has a cat named Max... named after me, of course. So, in this excerpt, fictional Max is sitting on the couch swaying to the music on the CD player as Angie, is working on some writing beside him.

Suddenly, Max hears a thud and jumps to attention.

"What is it boy?" Angie asks.

Max runs to the door to the work area downstairs and Angie follows close on his heels. She pauses. "Down there?" she asks. She looks down at Max as if he should answer.

Finally, after he swats at the door a couple of times, she turns the handle and opens it a crack to see if she can hear what drew his attention.

That's all Max needed. He sticks his paw in the opening and pulls the door open just enough to squeeze through. "No, Max," Angie says "Don't go down there. Remember what happened last time...."

So, critter pals, what does Max find downstairs and does he live to tell about it?

You'll just have to wait for the book to come out to find out the answers to those questions.... Or you can make up your own ending in the comments section.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Max on... Gratitude

It's just another week until Thanksgiving here in the United States, so I thought we better spend a little time making our thankfulness list. Gratitude is an important part of life. So many times, we dwell on what is wrong in our lives. During this time of year, it's refreshing to list the good stuff. So here's my list. Feel free to add to it.

I'm grateful for...

1. Her Highness... without her my life would have been a drag.

2. ...tuna juice.... definitely!

3. ... tape measures.... When HH would drag one on the floor, I jumped and pounced. I'm a cheap date, that's for sure.

4. ... my critter pals.

5 . ...air conditioning... AC is a must for us Florida cats...

6. ... hugs. I do love hugs.

Now, you add to the list.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Max on...The Holidays and Food for Your Pets

Okay, so the holidays are coming, critter pals. You know what that means, don'cha? Yep. It means extra treats. A little turkey under the table is expected and greatly anticipated. Part of a baking powder biscuit that falls on the floor is great for pooches. I know you guys snarf it down. That's for sure.

Us kitties are a little more particular but not all that much more. We're prone to gain weight also. That's the downside of all the holiday eating for food humans and their pets.

In January, with the holidays behind us, we start that New Year's Resolution Diet--just like our food humans do. If we all ate like animals, that yucky diet might not be necessary this year.

I'm not talking about the animals ("anipals" to some of you) that we are. We're domesticated and many of us have taken on the eating habits of our food humans. It is a delicious way to live, but the extras have lead us astray.

No, when I say we should eat like animals, I'm talking about the animals in the wild. Granted, they have to hunt their own food, but have you noticed that our pals are not chubby. No, they are sleek because they only eat what they need for fuel and they run through the woods like the wind.

We could learn a thing or two from them and maybe we'd lower the frequency of feline and canine diabetes and obesity in the process.

Think about it, critter pals, and leave a comment on how you plan to you stay slim during the holidays and any diet and nutrition tips you have for others in 2010. Yay!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Stress.... it's coming soon....

For all of you humans, the holidays bring on a bit of stress ( for some of you ... alot). The pets in the household are not that different. They feel it too. Here are some stressors to watch for and some of the things you can do for your feline and canine pals.

Many of the upcoming special events, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, include a big family meal with lots of special dishes. In the confusion of the family gathering for each of these events, it's easy for pets to find themselves alone with food that is left out.

Now, I don't want to rain on the parade of my critter pals, but it's all too easy for us kitties to find some turkey bones or a bowl of dressing. And you pups can flash a beautiful orchestrated long look at Uncle Joe or Cousin Charles and elicit a treat or two too many from them. It might be fun while grabbing that wayward bite, but later the tummy ache is not such a good thing.

Stress... HH gets stressed out during the holidays, so why shouldn't I? Some of my stress is naturally derived from picking up on what she's feeling, and part of it is just because our routine changes drastically during the holidays, and I'm not all that fond of change.

Now your pet may like change, but some of us don't like to ride in the car and many of us don't like to visit in other homes. Dogs seem a bit more adaptable on all of these points, but it's wise to watch for stress in them as well.
On the holidays, you might arrange to leave us home so we can stick to our favorite routine.

Decorations are beautiful, but they can be a hazard. If your pet has never encountered a Christmas tree, it may become overly excited or overly curious about the decorations you put up. Sometimes, they'll only assume they are toys and bat at them. Others might un-decorate the tree in quick order. Watch for the curiosity signs and pet-proof your tree.

In summary, don't forget Fido and Fluffy during these holiday events and always watch out for their safety.