Monday, December 28, 2009

Max on ... New Year's Revolutions

I know you think I spelled resolution wrong, but I didn't. I think it's time for a New Year's Revolution and that's the word I meant.

"Resolutions" seem to have lost their umph. To make a New Year's Resolution used to mean something akin to a promise... something that you'd never break.

Now, New Year's Resolutions, such as (1) eat vegetables instead of chocolate, (2) give up smoking, or (3) exercise every day, seem to last until the following Tuesday or in some cases only until the end of the Rose Bowl. They just don't mean what they used to mean.

This year, I challenge you to a New Year's Revolution. Don't choose one of those trite physical promises. Instead, choose a character trait you've been meaning to shape and promise yourself to do something about it this year... either increase or decrease said character trait for the year. Commit yourself to recognizing that you will do well at times and you won't do well at others. It doesn't matter as long as you don't give up.

Are you with me?

Throughout the year, you'll stick with your work on the character trait of your choice and make progress where you can. For example, you know for certain that your food human will feed you every day at a certain time. Invariably, you get nervous about 15 minutes before the appointed time and start meowing about it. A good New Year's Revolution for you could be to work on patience or trust. Give up the meowing and simply wait for the food, secure in knowing that your food human will always feed you.

Personally, my New Year's Revolution is to keep pace with whatever conversation is occurring. You see, I tend to jump ahead and interrupt. My New Year's Revolution is to work on that... waiting my turn in conversations.

Okay... What is your New Year's Revolution?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Max on .... Catmas

Just a short post today to wish all of you a very Merry Catmas. I should say something profound at a time such as this, but I just want to wish the very best to all my critter pals. Wishing you a very .....


















.......................Merry Catmas, Everyone...................

Monday, December 21, 2009

Max on... decorating for Christmas (to tree or not to tree)

Do you know that HH (my food human, Her Highness) has never had a Christmas tree since I entered her life. She was probably wise. I can't pretend outrage on this one. I mean if she brought a tree into the condo, it would have confused me.

I'm not sure what I would do. I suspect I would first try to climb it and if that failed, I would try to chew on the branches.

If you decorated it, you'd just be asking for trouble. I bet I could clean the decorations off a reasonably-sized Christmas tree in a mere 10 minutes. So, I guess HH figured this out for herself and decided to avoid the mess.

She does put smaller decorations out on tables and counters, though. You know, she puts them on the tables, I'm "trained" to stay off. (Yes, I hear you snickering because you think I get up on those tables when she's not home. Of course you're wrong about that. Hee Hee!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Max on...Holiday Frenzy: Does it make you want to hide?

Hi there Critter Pals.... Is the holiday hustle and bustle getting you down? Do you feel all frayed and frenzied?

Take heart.... it'll be over in a week and a half. That tree will probably be in the house for two more weeks. The humans usually leave the tree up until after Christmas but the frantic pace will slow before that.

But let me remind you of the best part of all the events... the one I like the most... One morning. (or evening in some households) those humans will open their presents. Yes, ... papers... and... ribbons.......... everywhere!! Yipee.... Nothing like jumping into piles of crinkly paper and ribbons...

So, take heart. You can make it through the frantic running of the vacuum and the dusting and straightening and the yelling when you try to mess the tidiness to a liveable level again. Your day with the ribbons and the crumpled paper is just around the corner. And, there just might be something special for you under the tree, too.

Happy last week before Christmas to all of you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are you having fun? Mousey Mouse is... Join in

Tis the season to by jolly. Find something that makes you happy and do it today!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Max on.... JOY!

I am prone to unmitigated joy at times. I express it through head bumps, nosetaps, purring, and rubbing - mostly against human ankles and calves because I am short and can't reach any higher.

I find the most joy in being useful to others. Here are the ways I help and you might want to give these ideas as gifts to those who are important to you.

1. I listen. Whether you're reciting poetry or ranting about someone who "done ya wrong," I am there to lend an ear.

2. I keep your secretes. I don't pass on what you are ranting about. Your purging is safe with me.

3. I am a foot warmer, knee warmer, lap warmer, and you-name-it warmer. I'm your guy to keep you warm.

4. I am a companion. When you walk in the door, I'm a presence to greet you. When you need to talk to yourself, I'm someone to pretend you're talking to in order to keep from looking crazy.

5. I'm amusing. Sometimes I do funny things without intending to. For example, one day, I came running to see HH. I landed on the coffee table full of books and magazines. Instead of sticking the landing, I skidded the length of the coffee table and all the books and magazines ended on the floor at the far end of the table with me on top of the pile. It was not my finest, most graceful moment, but HH got a good laugh out of it.

6. An, I am a comfort when you're feeling blue. I may not always be able to accomplish all my goals, but I do try to make life better for you.....................


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Max on...What to give your food human for Christmas.

I always want to give Her Highness something nice for Christmas, but alas, I don't have money or a credit card -- I'm a cat, after all. Cats don't have riches.

Not to get too "smaltzy," but she takes pretty good care of me, so I'd like to do something at least once a year to make her happy. I mean, think of how many hours of petting I get every year and think how she never misses -- I mean NEVER misses feeding me. And, she never comes in the front door without calling my name. Man, a little tear is forming in my eye as I write about this.

So, you can readily see why I want to do something special for her. Here are some of the ideas I've come up with. Please add to the list.

1. On Christmas Day, I'm going to wake her up gently by walking up and down her back. That's called a "massage."

2. When I'm writing, I'm going to keep my work area tidy, so HH won't have to clean it up before she works. Mainly this means I'll swish my tail across the puter keys a couple of times to get rid of any sheddings.

3. I'm going to refrain from trying to jam my head into her water glass when she leaves it on the end table unattended.

4. And, I'll definitely curb my behavior of putting my paw on the lip of her glass and trying to tip it over -- although I do love watching the water, or better yet red wine, run over the edge of the table.

5. I'll also sit quietly beside her on nights when she eats her dinner on the couch. Instead of trying to rake a bit off her plate, I'll keep my paws to myself.

6. And... this is a biggie... when I have a hairball or an upset stomach, I will run like crazy to get to the tile in the bathroom or kitchen so HH won't have to clean the carpet.

There! That's my list. I think they are all worthy gifts for HH. What are you going to give your food human for Christmas?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Max on...helping your cat adapt to a new environment

The cat in the novel HH is writing found himself abruptly pulled from his home after the trauma of finding a dead body (yes, her novel is a murder mystery) in the office.

This got me to thinking about how I would feel if, for some reason, HH and I had to evacuate Home Sweet Home abruptly. I imagine I would not be happy.

I'm not good at sudden change. HH's novel cat (Max is his name too -- how clever of HH) pretty much takes the evacuation in stride, but he has visited at the house they evacuate to; so bold as can be, he walks right in and is good to go.

If HH moved me abruptly, we'd probably evacuate to a motel or something full of the scent of dogs and cats who have gone before. That would just freak me out. Here are some things your food humans and HH can do to make an abrupt change easier on these ol' nerves of ours:

1. As a food human, try not to freak out. When you freak out, we do, too. We pick up on those feeling you have. If you're agitated, we will be too. So keep your angst to yourself if you can. Now, if petting us helps you -- you know by lowering your blood pressure or agitation during the stressful time -- by all means, have at it. I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as too much petting.

2. Don't forget to pack our things, too. Take our medical records, food, dishes (water and food), leash, litter and litter pan, and toys (don't forget the toys).

3. Be sure to pack at least one comfort item for us. For me, that would be a t-shirt with HH's scent on it or, of course, one of my favorite quits will suffice.

4. Transport us in the carrier. If you are going any distance, it is best to transport us in a carrier. We don't feel very secure if we are rambling around the car or van. Instead, we feel that we are in peril at all times and might start howling. I know food humans find that distracting, so use the carrier and stop occasionally to see if we need water or need to use the litter.

5. When you get to the new destination, introduce us to the new environment one room at a time. For example, HH always starts by putting my litter, my water and food bowl, and me in a bathroom in a new environment. This gives me time to adapt in a small place that is not overwhelming to me. After a few hours or a day, she opens the door, this leaves the option open for me to decide if I want to come out and see the rest of the place or if I feel better staying put in my small environment. If we are staying a while, I usually come out on my own time, sniff the place thoroughly and then settle in.

These are the methods HH uses to move me from spot to spot. What techniques does your food human use when you go to visit others or you go on vacation?