Monday, December 21, 2009

Max on... decorating for Christmas (to tree or not to tree)

Do you know that HH (my food human, Her Highness) has never had a Christmas tree since I entered her life. She was probably wise. I can't pretend outrage on this one. I mean if she brought a tree into the condo, it would have confused me.

I'm not sure what I would do. I suspect I would first try to climb it and if that failed, I would try to chew on the branches.

If you decorated it, you'd just be asking for trouble. I bet I could clean the decorations off a reasonably-sized Christmas tree in a mere 10 minutes. So, I guess HH figured this out for herself and decided to avoid the mess.

She does put smaller decorations out on tables and counters, though. You know, she puts them on the tables, I'm "trained" to stay off. (Yes, I hear you snickering because you think I get up on those tables when she's not home. Of course you're wrong about that. Hee Hee!)

If you just absolutely must have a Christmas tree, here are some precautions and tips that might help:

1. Don't use tinsel on your tree unless you want the litter decorated with it as well.

2. Be sure to use ornaments that are too large for your pet to eat and keep the ornaments high enough on the tree so your pet doesn't take them down and play with them or break them.

3. I know it's popular to string popcorn, cranberries or both and put strings of them on the tree. It's probably best to avoid using them with pets around. If you do use them, be sure to watch your pets to see what they do. Take them down if your pet shows them too much attention.

4. Christmas plants, flowers and table centerpieces: The rule of thumb for all of these is to watch your pets carefully when you introduce any new plant or decoration to the house. You might want do a little research on line to determine what is poisonous and what isn't before you buy. You pet will show an initial curiosity when you bring a new plant or flowers into the house. If after that, they ignore them, you're good to go. If they just won't leave them alone, it's best to put the plant or flowers up too high for them or put them outside.

If you have lights on your tree, it's good to turn them off when you're not home. You know... better safe than sorry.

Here's hoping you and your pet have a safe and happy holiday season. Feel free to add your comments to the list.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

My mom agrees with Her Highness - no tree here! Mom did the tree and dekorashuns every year when the boy was growing up and had to clean up lots of dekorashun messes. I swear it was not me - I was not around then. But even now that we are older, mom is just plain lazy and doesn't do dekorashuns any more. She says it make her life much easier.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

HH agrees with your mom. We'll have a wreath on the door if we're lucky.... Tha's okay. I can get in the spirit of it all without all the fuss.

Thanks for the comment Shawnee...



LouPeb said...

Good post! Very informative and educational :o)
my mom's lazy too. heheh


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