Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Max on...What to give your food human for Christmas.

I always want to give Her Highness something nice for Christmas, but alas, I don't have money or a credit card -- I'm a cat, after all. Cats don't have riches.

Not to get too "smaltzy," but she takes pretty good care of me, so I'd like to do something at least once a year to make her happy. I mean, think of how many hours of petting I get every year and think how she never misses -- I mean NEVER misses feeding me. And, she never comes in the front door without calling my name. Man, a little tear is forming in my eye as I write about this.

So, you can readily see why I want to do something special for her. Here are some of the ideas I've come up with. Please add to the list.

1. On Christmas Day, I'm going to wake her up gently by walking up and down her back. That's called a "massage."

2. When I'm writing, I'm going to keep my work area tidy, so HH won't have to clean it up before she works. Mainly this means I'll swish my tail across the puter keys a couple of times to get rid of any sheddings.

3. I'm going to refrain from trying to jam my head into her water glass when she leaves it on the end table unattended.

4. And, I'll definitely curb my behavior of putting my paw on the lip of her glass and trying to tip it over -- although I do love watching the water, or better yet red wine, run over the edge of the table.

5. I'll also sit quietly beside her on nights when she eats her dinner on the couch. Instead of trying to rake a bit off her plate, I'll keep my paws to myself.

6. And... this is a biggie... when I have a hairball or an upset stomach, I will run like crazy to get to the tile in the bathroom or kitchen so HH won't have to clean the carpet.

There! That's my list. I think they are all worthy gifts for HH. What are you going to give your food human for Christmas?


mariodacat said...

ohh - those will be purrfect presents for your mom. You very thoughtful kitty. Mama will love you even more, if dat is possible. purrrrrr

Sheng_Chi said...

I think you are giving too much to your humat...my present for her is myself...I'm far too pretty and precious for her to want anything than my purrtyself for Christmas

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