Thursday, February 18, 2010

Max's Story Continues: Episode 3

Episode 3: When we last stopped in on our story, Max had inadvertently jumped from the second story landing to escape an intruder....
Max looked down at the backyard, but the sight of it flying toward him made his stomach turn. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best -- or at least he hoped for a little less than complete disaster.

Before he knew it, Max hit something semi-soft then bounced about for what seemed like a full two minutes. After he realized he wasn't moving any more, he thought he might be dead because he didn't feel the pain he expected.

Slowly he opened one eye and saw the blossoms of a blue hydrangea staring back at him. "Yep!" he thought, "dead, for sure." Then, he opened the other eye and looked up. There on the landing was the prowler/burglar/murderer.

In that instant, Max realized he had survived his fall from the second story landing. Now it was up to him to save HH from the intruder.

On his back, folded up like a tulip he was sunk down in the hydrangea. Every movement made him sink deeper into the bush. In frustration, he thrashed frantically to get out and the whirling movment of his legs helped him rise to the surface of the bush as if he were pulled up by a helicoptor.

Once past all the blue blooms that had cushioned his fall, Max leapt from the bush. The ground felt good and solid under his feet. He gave a good shake to clear his senses and took off like an Indy race car driver with a mission.

Max reached the stairs in the split of a split second and sped up them so fast he hardly knew his feet had touched any of them. At the top of the steps, he bounded to the railing then onto the ski-masked head of the hoodlum. He covered the man's head like a football helmet and hung on for dear life. No way this creep was going to get HH...