Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Max's Novel continues... Episode 6

When we last left Max, he had heard a scuffle downstairs. Then he watched as someone in a trench coat and big hat ran off into the night. In this episode, we pick up where he is waiting for HH to return from her evening out. Now in his own words, the story continues...

I stood guard until HH returned home. That means no naps... I stayed at attention and knew that was an important job. I alternated between looking out the kitchen window in the back and running to the front to stand in the bedroom bay window.

When I finally caught sight of HH turning into the alley, I let out a yelp and skidded to the back door to wait for her. It seemed like forever until I heard her climbing the wooden stairs to the second floor landing, but finally I did and soon enough I heard her key in the door.

As soon as she opened the door, I let out an urgent "Meoooooow" and ran to the door to the downstairs. I expected her to follow me Lassie-style, but when I looked over my shoulder, she was still in the kitchen.

I trotted back to her and head-bumped her shins...hard -- it was no "glad-to-have-you-back" bump. It was more a "dead-guy-downstairs" bump.

"Max, easy, yes, I see you, pal. I missed you, too."

I said it wasn't a "missed-you" bump, and I rammed her shins again and spun my back feet for traction to get her attention to follow me to the downstairs door.

At last, she understood. "What is it, pal? You hear a noise down there?"

HH put her hand on the deadbolt to unlock it. I wedged in front of her so I could be the first one down the stairs.

As soon as she opened the door a crack, I squeezed through and took the steps four or five at a time. I wanted to see for myself if there was any danger and warn HH if I could.

The momentum from flying down those stairs propelled me through the main rooms... nothing there. Head down, I charged down the hallway toward the back room where I knew the men had fought.

I had a little too much momentum going because by the time I saw Fred's body... it was too late to efficiently apply my brakes. I skidded to a stop two -- yes a mere two-- inches from crashing into his lifeless body.

I looked over my shoulder. HH had stopped in the doorway... her hand to her mouth. For a second, I thought her feet were glued to the floor, but then she inched forward. She walked around the body to the opposite side of it.

I watched her intently as she knelt and reached out to feel for a pulse at poor Fred's neck. Then she punched in a number on her cell phone. "Send help," she said, followed by our address.

After a minute, HH looked up at me. "Oh Max..." she said in that soft voice she uses when she's sorry about something. "Look at you?"

"Wha....? Look at me? What's she talking about?" I thought. Then I looked down and realized I was standing in a puddle of blood..... YIKES!!!


Brian said...

Oh no, but...then what happened?????

Milton said...

Oh. My. God. What next??? The Milt xx

Milton said...

Max, er, you wanna go wash your paws...right now babes. x

Jacqueline said...

Now we're really on the edge of our seats...what next??...We love you, Max, your courageous boy!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Island Cats said...

This story keeps getting more and more interesting...

Michelle said...

Dunh, dunh, dunh! Wonder what will happen next!

Pandafur said...

OMC! Nao I can't wait til tomorrow for episode 8. Oh teh suspenss iz killin me!