Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anipal Classic Book Club - Pride and Prejudice (post 2)

Well, time for another Pride and Prejudice post. This one is about a couple of things that occurred to me as I read chapters 15 through 30...

It occurred to me that the world was a much different place in the days of Jane Austen. For example:

1. Mr. Collins can't imagine that Elizabeth would turn down his proposal... what an ego!. I'd just like to tell him, "She's just not into you, pal... Don't embarrass yourself." Now, HH says that there are men with crazy big egos today too, but really... get over yourself, Mr. Collins.

2. Another example is that Mrs. Bennet has to become desperate to marry off her girls. I think that has become a way of life for her because the family is not all that rich, and that's her way of providing for them. At first, I thought she was just a mean Mom, but the more I read, the more I realized that the society of that day has shaped her behavior.

That's this cat's take on a couple of things for this week's post. Can't wait to make the rounds and see what you all are finding, too.

Have a great day...

Oh... and happy GroundHog Day. Last year I wanted the job of the groundhog. Not so anymore. After hearing about the weather up there. I'll stay here in Florida where I belong. ...

Happy Trails, Phil!!!


3 doxies said...

Well thank goodness we don't lives back then...just to imagine women didn' has careers, all they did was raise kids. Wait, dats all my mum does...bwhahahahaha!

I am going out shortly to look fur me a Ground Hog.


Marg said...

We sure hope that Ground Hog does the right thing.
We like your thoughts on the Pride and Prejudice. How things have changed, that is for sure. Hope you have a super Wednesday.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Bugsy and Knuckles...
How are you two today? Your thoughts on Pride and Prejudice are very interesting!!! Some changes over the years have been very good.
Madi and Mom

Sammy and Andy said...

Our mama is a Pride and Prejudice fan......she doesn't get to read it like she once did....she has old eyes now, but watches it on DVD on a regular basis....the one with Colin *sigh* Firth!!!!!!!! The sigh is her's every time she mentions him....:)

It is soooooooo cold here (or what us South Texans consider as sooooooooooo cold) that a ground hog wouldn't even come outta his hole here!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all of you.

Remington said...

I have found it very interesting in how the women in those days acted. So prim and proper. Always careful on what to say....well, maybe not Mrs. Bennett.... And the men are all so different. Mr. Bennett seems like his life didn't quite go as he had planned. Mr. Darcy I do like very much. Generous but humble and that comes across as rude, in his case. This has been such a good book. I have ordered the movie and now look forward to watching it.

Brian said...

Maybe you can read it to the groundhog too!

Oz the Terrier said...

Max: I have to agree with you about Mrs. Bennet. I, too, thought she was just plain mean but really, she is just doing what she has to do to provide a good life for her daughters. Mr. Collins just gives me the creepies...his ego, his tone...everything. But I guess he is as much a 'man of his times' as Mrs. Bennet is a 'woman of her times'.

This book is so interesting!

Oh, and stick with me here in Florida! There is no reason to venture up North to be in the cold and snow...we can find intersting jobs here too! BOL
xxx Oz

Cheysuli and gemini said...

But I think that there is no more winter... Uh huh...

Catsparella said...

Happy Groundhog Day! That picture is precious!

Boo-Bah said...

Cute picture!! Peanut and Marshmellow would love to quilt sit with you sometime.
Happy Groundhog day.

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