Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cat Tales... a special poem

Today, I have a special poem to share with you. Recently, HH was contacted by Jean... She had read The Zen of Max and had passed it along to her mother, Ella Working, to read. Her mother saw some similarities between Max and Nagi, Jean's cat. Consequentlyt, she was inspired to write this poem, and it's so wonderful that HH asked for permission to post it here for you to enjoy.

Thanks so much to Jean for getting in touch and to Ella for the beautiful poem.

Cat Tales
About Nagi (Nah-Gee)
After reading The Zen of Max by Lou Belcher

Jean has a cat so much like Max they’d almost fit each other’s tracks.
Nagi’s a tuxedo cat, sometimes baby, sometimes brat!
Nights he snuggles up to her ‘til her face is full of fur.
Where she goes, he follows through – office, kitchen, bathroom, too.
When she works he knows just when she’s expected home again.
Patiently he waits to meet her; wants to be the first to greet her.
It is clear that he adores her, nothing he does ever bores her.
Mornings when it suits him best, in a sunny spot he’ll rest;
Purring softly while he’s sunning, like he left his motor running.
Understands a lot we say – “No” and “Don’t he will obey
(Well – most times anyway)
Makes us understand his wishes, which food he wants in his dishes.
Nudges open cupboard doors; scatters crumbs upon the floors.
When we eat, he wants a bite; begs until we say “All Right!”
Often he doesn’t eat it, but next meal he will repeat it.
When he hears the ice cubes rattle, right away that silly cat’ll
Come, look up wistfully “Won’t you drop a cube for me?”
Any time that he is able to have access to a table,
He proceeds to make it neat; pushing stuff off with his feet.
Let us have a vase of roses; that’s just where his pesky nose is.
Nibbling petals just a bit ‘til we put a stop to it.
Ears or whiskers itch a bit? Here’s how he takes care of it;
Knocks a book off of the shelf, uses it to scratch himself.
If offended, Nagi pouts; lets us know we’re “on the outs”.
If he’s rowdy, he’ll scratch or bite, but he seldom wants to fight.
Most times when a stranger comes, first he growls and then he runs
To his refuge 'neath the bed; sometimes comes back out instead.
Then the rascal always beelines to someone who dislikes felines.
Isn’t that what all cats do? Jean must come to the rescue!
When I sit me down to rest he may meow a clear request.
Then if I will only let him he jumps up for me to pet him –
Tromps across my lap, and then, turns around and tromps again;
Plops him down when he is ready, then I pet him slow and steady.
While he lies in “purrfect” peace, I can’t help but be at ease.
It’s so nice for him and me – “Cat-o-lap-tic therapy”.
Yes, Jean has a friend with fur – seems to me that he has her!

By Jean’s Mom,
Ella Working
(Age 95)

April 2011


Simba said...

What a wonderful poem!

Brian said...

That is so very good Max, I really, really enjoyed it!

Madi and Mom said...

Dear Mrs. Ella you are an exceptional lady to write such a beautiful poem about your kitty.
Thank you for letting HH put it on her blog for the world to read,
Madi and Mom

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

What a wonderful poem!!!!!!!!!!! 95...........WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Just goes to show that age doesn't stop the creative juices, unless we allow it to!!!!!!!!

Love to y'all.

Mariodacat said...

That is a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Amber-Mae said...

Beautiful poem!!

Marg said...

That is such a great poem. I love it. It is all so true about most cats. Every single sentence rings a bell here. I am so glad that you printed it here. Have a great week end.

Sparkle said...

Wow, Jean's mom Ella is an inspiration - such a great poem!

Au and Target said...

Great poem - it's what cats are all about.

Oskar said...

That poem rocks!

Nubbin wiggles,

The Island Cats said...

What a great poem!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Max!

The Cat From Hell said...

Dearest Max!
That was wonderful! Did yous read it to Bugsy and Knuckles! (me has a crush)

meowmeowmans said...

What a nice poem! Thank you for sharing it with us, Max.

Cloon said...

That is such a great poem!

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