Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bugsy and Knuckles participate in International Box Day

Wooohooooo.... It's International Box Day... It's finally here.

Bugsy and Knuckles have different views of boxes. I'll show you in pictures what I mean...

First off... both boys love this USPS box. It was their favorite from day one and they often slept in it together... until they got too big for that. Now they have to take turns and even then, they have to wiggle around to get in it just right...

This is their first box. When they first came to live with HH, she sent away for a carrier. Here they are unwrapping it...

Knuckles was not as thrilled with boxes as Bugsy was. He favors paper bags the most, but here he is trying to decide if this box is worth his time...

In the spirit of International Box Day, he decided to jump in and show his support of the celebrations. However, he didn't quite make it in... Maybe that's why he prefers bags, he doesn't know how to open boxes....

Bugsy, however, LOVES....LOVES....LOVES... boxes. Here are two favorites of his...

Here he is sitting in the box he uses as his office. When you see him sitting in it, you know he's open for business...

Bugsy, Knuckles and I wish all of you a Happy IBD. Celebrate the day by climbing into a box and enjoying the smell and the feel of it.... Have a great day!!!

Pawhugs to everybody!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kierra needs a home.

Good Morning Everybody...I was just over at the SPCA of North Brevard and guess what I found. They have a new doggie over there. She needs a home and I'd love it if you would spread the word.

Her name is Kierra. Isn't she beautiful. Her furs are sorta the same color as mine...

Here's the scoop on Kierra in her own words...

Hello there! My name is Kierra. I am a female, Siberian Husky who was born in June of 2005. I was brought to the SPCA because my owner's son was allergic to me. I do have quite a bit of fur, so I require some grooming. I am a super sweet, independent girl. I do not like to cuddle very much, but I would make a great walking partner. I need a large yard to run in. and perhaps a doggie friend to keep me company. I am housebroken, good with children of all ages, and I walk well on a leash. I know that I am a little older than some of the other dogs, but many things get better with age! Please come in soon and take a look at will not be disappointed.
Love, Kierra.
Animal ID:13354329
Breed: Siberian Husky/Purebred
Age: 6 years

You'll find her at the SPCA of North Brevard. Take a look around.

Also, don't forget... they are having a special this month too in honor of June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Max on Mondays... Lesson Learned

Good Morning Pals.... You know that my mission is to teach these boys all of the little lessons that they might need in life... Here's an important one...

Lesson Learned: If Life doesn't make space for you, carve out your own piece of real estate.

For Example: Here's Bugsy sitting happily on top of the bookcase...

"Bugs, that shelf used to be full of books... Where'd they all go?"

Oh.... aha... collateral damage.

Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Knuckles is happy he found the perfect spot to settle in for Easy Like Sunday.

Here he is getting settled...

It's supposed to be over 90 degrees today, so we're gonna just watch the heat from inside. When we're not napping today, we'll be watching bird TV. The birds are particularly active on the roof to the right side of the porch now. Don't know why. Knuckles thinks there's a nest up there and would like just a few minutes to explore.

Hope you all have a great day...... Take it Easy Like Sunday, pals.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday... Have a good one.

Happy Caturday to all our friends.

As you can see, Knuckles and Bugsy have found a new place to hide and play. Yep... HH cleared off the shelf under the coffee table and they've been setting up their patrol from that secret spot. I think this is where they go to plot all their escapades too. In fact, it looks like HH caught them in the middle of a meeting when she took this shot.

Well, it's Saturday, so we'll be napping a bit today in order to get in shape for Easy Like Sunday. You never can get too much practice.

Have a great day everybody. And, remember, Max loves ya!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Questions for our Pals

Hi... Bugsy here.... Knuckles and I have a couple of questions for those more experienced cats out there...

First, here I am sitting on the "throne." Well, I've noticed that the throne isn't as perky as it used to be. It seems lower to the ground and I have to sit very still so it won't tip over. Here are the questions: Is it lower to the ground because I am heavier? And, does it tip, because I am bigger? Or.... it is time for a new throne? (Brian... you are the throne expert and I know that HH will do what you say, so feel free to tell her like it is.) All opinions are encouraged, especially from throne owners or those who have engineering degrees.

Second, Knuckles is getting ready for IBD (International Box Day on June 30, 2011). I've tried to tell him that paper bags don't count, but he continues to practice in this crumpled old bag. As you can see he has some of his toys in there with him. Anyway, help me convince him to move on to boxes, so we'll be ready for the celebration on Thursday.

Thanks.... Have a great day everybody!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday with Knuckles

Thanksful Thursday....

First, I am thankful for Bugsy, Max and HH.

Second, I am thankful that there is no snow to shovel. Everyone is complaining about the heat, but as HH says, "At least you don't have to shovel it." Don't know for sure what that means, but it sounds important.

Thirdly, I think I spotted a pool downstairs. I'm not sure kitties are allowed in it, but, as you can see, I'm practicing my sidestroke just in case they decide to let me in. Always good to be prepared.

Fourth and most important, I'm thankful for all of you.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... An Prospective Introoooder

the introooooder on the 3rd floor window sill...

Bugsy and Knuckles on patrol....

Have a great day and nap peacefully... the boys are on duty....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bagheera needs a good home.

Good Morning Everybody... It's my turn to tell you about a pet needing a home. And I got to choose who I wanted to talk about.

Well, I chose Bagheera. He's an older cat, but only by a few years. He's ten... that means he won't be running amok like yours truly and my pal Knuckles... But that's a story for another day...

Bagheera has only been at the SPCA of North Brevard for about 2 weeks, so he's not really settled in yet. It'd be great to get him out of there before he gets too comfortable. Let's spread the word. Okay.

Here's the scoop on Bagheera in his own words...

Well, hello there! My name is Bagheera. I was transferred here from another shelter because they ran out space. I am an older boy, and just as sweet as can be! I have VERY handsome facial features, and my eyes are a pretty blue! I love it when the girls here brush me; I purr SO loud! My birthday is June 7, 2001. I am up to date on all my vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped. Now, all I need is YOU! Love, Bagheera
Here are the details:

Animal ID: 13277037
Breed: Siamese/Mix (just like me and Knuckles)
Age: 10 years

You'll find him at the SPCA of North Brevard. Take a look around. They are having a special this month too in honor of June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Max on Monday... do you shop the Esty shops?

Lots of our dog and cat pals have shops on or at least their beans do...Here are a couple of my favorites:

Kaylxcraftopia is one of my favorite Etsy shops. It's the shop of Baxter's mom and features Baxter on greeting cards among other artsy things. It's a wonderful shop...

The Dancing Cat at You'll find lots of pictures of cats that show all stages of the cats conditions.

The Beaded Tail at You'll find jewelry featuring cats and related topics there.

Who else has a shop on Etsy?. Let me know and I'll have HH go over and list you as one of her favorites....

When buying presents for our friends, we should check to see what our blog pals have to offer first.

Have a great day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easy Like Sunday after visitors on Saturday

Bugsy is right. I was a little shy.

Bugsy here... Max said I could tell you about yesterday's visitors cause for once in our lives, I was the bold cat. Yep, you got that right, Knuckles was a little shy at first.

Can you believe that? He's the boy who jumps from china cabinets, but he was a little shy.... Go figure.

But I must say, Knuckles warmed up quick enough when Jerry whipped out the laser light. He always goes wild for that.

Now, as for myself.... wooo hoooo.... Cher has beautiful long hair and I loved sitting behind her on the couch and sticking my face in her hair. Some might say that it's a little strange to do that. Well, don't cast aspersions until you've tried it, pals. Very wonderful...

Anyway, all in all.... it was a wonderful visit. We were good boys... on our best behavior for company, and we want Jerry and Cher to come back soon.

Now, today.... it's Easy like Sunday time, of course, so we're off for a nice nap today.

Have a great day... and Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We have company coming today...

As you can see, Bugsy and Knuckles are on patrol. HH's good friends J and C are coming to visit today, and they are coming specifically to see the boys. They haven't met them yet, so they asked to come down today to spend a little time with them.

Well, when HH told the boys that we have visitors coming, they took up their post near the door and are watching for them to arrive...

In addition, there's some work going on in the condo next door and the workmen keep walking in and out of that condo. Knuckles is beside himself with curiosity and has been snoopervising non-stop. Lots of waiting and curiosity going on over here.

What are you doing with your Saturday? Hope you have a great day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Visit at Grills with Great Friends

Flat Tamir, Flat Max and Flat Ginger Jasper amidst the condiments

So.... Wednesday was a special day for HH... She had lunch with Ginger Jasper's beans (Barrie and Carol) and Flat Ginger Jasper, and Tamir's bean (Sharon) and Flat Tamir up at Port Canaveral. None of them had met before in person, so it was very exciting...

You see, it all started like this, GJ's beans were coming to America. They had contacted ZH at Zoolatry to get together and she got HH and Sharon in on a little lunch date too. Unfortunately, ZH was sick that day and couldn't make it. That was a huge disappointment to everyone...

We hope she's feeling better now.

So anyways, HH was so excited she ran out of here without her camera. Carol (GJ's mom) loaned her these pictures to post with this (Thanks, Carol). Carol will have more pictures to share with you when they get home.

Flat Max got to go to the pawty.... he gets to go everywhere.

Since none of them had met, HH emailed the others and told them that she'd bring Flat Max so they would know who she was. Well, the minute she walked in the door to Grill's Restaurant, one wave of Flat Max and Barrie and Carol popped up with Flat Ginger Jasper. Then Sharon walked in with Flat Tamir and they moved us to a table.

Flat Max reported to me that the talking started right that minute and didn't stop until everybody said "Good-bye" a couple hours later. It was as if they had known each other forever.

Here they all are posing at the table...

Left to right... Barrie, Carol, Flat GJ, Sharon, Flat Tamir, HH and Flat Me

One thing they talked about that stuck with HH the most is how wonderful the community of pet bloggers is on line. It let them get to know each other well enough that they could sit down and start gabbing and laughing as if they'd been pals all their lives even though they hadn't met in person before. Pretty great.

Well, they had a great time and will never forget the visit. If you want to read more about it, go to Friends FurEver. Sharon put up a wonderful post yesterday.

Have a great weekend everybody. Remember, Max Loves Ya!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Max's Traveling Book

I've sent a few copies of my book off into the world. I'm calling them Traveling Books. If you get a copy of The Zen of Max marked as a traveling book (it'll have a sticker on the front and a message on how traveling books work on the inside front cover) be sure to come by and tell us in a comment...
The number on the inside front cover of the book

Who gave you the book... or... Where you found the book.

What you thought of the book...

Who you are giving it to and where they are...

Thanks for participating. Stop by now and then, click on the Traveling Book Badge in the right column to read new comments.

Thankful Thursday... we're thankful for our cushy life...

Knuckles sleeping on a pile of cushions

It's my turn to let you know what we're thankful for this week. Well, I'm thankful for our cushy life with HH. We are so lucky to have a great place to live and food in our tummies and toys to play with and all those pillows I'm sleeping on.

Well, I started to think about that when I saw Brian's blog yesterday. You see Bugsy and I are thrilled to be together cuz we are brothers and litter mates. We depend on each other and wouldn't want to live apart. Well... Lil EM and Sapphire are in need of help to stay together. Please read their story and help put some attention to their need. They are in South Carolina and need a special home that will take both of them.

Please help spread the word. Just tell people to go to Brian's Home and read about them...

Thanks.... Have a great Thursday!!

P. S. HH had lunch yesterday with Flat Ginger Jasper, Flat Tamir, and their parents. More about that later. Suffice it to say, she said it was a super day.... Fantastic!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bugsy on Adopt A Cat Month

Have I got a deal for you?!!!

What? What's a hawker? Oh... s'cuse me! Max just reminded me that we should conduct ourselves with decorum and that I should not act like a huckster. So, I'm calming down ... but I'm so excited about the special deal they have over at SPCA of North Brevard, I got carried away.

*takes deep breath to calm self*

Okay, so here's the deal. June is Adopt a Cat Month. In honor of that, if you adopt a cat who is over 4 months old, you get a buddy for free.... How cool is that?

Here's the link... Please spread the word. Send all your Florida friends to the SPCA of North Brevard...

Have a great day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

We're playing Tag today.

The boys and I were tagged by my pal Brian. And, the boys were tagged by Caren and Cody of Cat Chat. So, we are definitely IT.

Everybody knows Brian of Brian's Home. If you don't, please stop by and visit him on his wonderful blog. There are lots of wonderful things about Brian, like he loves his sisters and blogs about them all the time, he does great tours of his home town, he's a super pal to me and the boys, and he takes care of pets who need homes....

And Caren and Cody of Cat Chat are great friends too. Caren was one of the first to volunteer to review my book. That really gave us a boost. If you haven't been to the Cat Chat blog, go over and visit. There are all sorts of things going on over there ... helpful information to make your life better.

Here are our answers to the questions Brian and Caren asked…

Do you think you’re hot?
Yes, we live in Florida, so not only am I hot, but we're all hot down here. Now if you're really asking if we thing we're "hot stuff," I'd have to say that I'm past that stage, but the boys do once in a while act as if they are invincible. Take a look at Knuckles just before take off from high up on the china cabinet...

Upload a picture of wallpaper you are using at the moment.
We don't have pretty wallpaper on the computer, but here's a picture of the wallpaper in the bathroom. Bugsy and Knuckles are trying to peel it off the wall... They are making progress.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
None of us eat chicken. Oh, I take that back. HH does eat a little chicken now and then, but she's a human bean. Bugsy and Knuckles don't eat it at all. And I had some a long, long time ago.

The song(s) you’ve listened to most recently?
We're not all that hip when it comes to music. We're at the mercy of HH who does like to listen to Leonard Cohen.... and Nora Jones... Is that hip? As I said we don't have a clue.

What were you thinking when you were doing this?
Bugsy and Knuckles were plotting their next attack on the window to Bird TV. Me... my mind was blank.

Do you have any nicknames?
My nicknames are Sweet Pea, Love Bug, Max-o-million and Big Boy.
Bugsy and Knuckles' nicknames are Baby Boy and, of course, Double Trouble.

Tag 8 blogger friends (tag you’re it)!
1. Sammy, Andy, and Shelly from SAS
2. Zoey and Maggy from Zoolatry
3. Madi and Mom
4. Florida Fur Kids at Friends FurEver
5. Simba at Simba's Antics
6. Marg at Marg's Pets
7. Zoey, Ernie and Wally at The Island Cats
8. Oz the Terrier at A Canine Opines

Who is listed as number 1?

Sammy, Andy and Shelly... Now, I have known Sammy and Andy for a while, but am getting to know the new kitty at their house, Shelly, pretty quick. Their mom, Judi, made the header for my blog.

Say something about number 5.

Simba is a loyal visitor to my blog. We all love it when he visits cuz he always has something witty to say.

How did you get to know number 3?

I met Madi in the blogosphere. I was first attracted to her by the many license plates listed on her blog. Once we started visiting her, we were hooked cuz she's a good friend.

How about number 4?

The Florida Fur Kids are neighbors... well not really in the same actual neighborhood, but they are from Florida too and are close enough that they listen for the boomies when the space shuttle returns just like we do.

Leave a message for number 6.

Marg, I just want to say to keep up the good work, Marg. You do such wonderful things for your inside and outside pets.

Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2.

Hi, Zoey and Maggy. We all think you are just the cutest, fluffiest girls around. (And their mom made a header for our blog too... It's beautiful.)

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
Yep... they both have great blogs and I visit Oz and The Island Cats everyday.

There, wasn’t that fun? If I tagged you, you’re it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Happy Sunday everybody.

Sometimes it's just nice to crawl under a piece of wrapping paper for your Sunday Snooze. Try it, you might like it. Of course, you do take the risk of having the other one jump on you just to hear the paper crinkle... HEE HEE..

Have a great day...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday.... Have a good one.

Good Morning, Pals...

I'm training Bugsy on the computer today. He looks like he's paying attention, doesn't ne? HEE HEE. Don't count on it.

Once we finish on the computer, we'll be off to enjoy our Saturday.

I hope you have great plans for a super weekend. It's gonna be a hot one here, but Knuckles is keeping track of Bird TV on the porch. One of those crazy black birds was dive bombing him again this morning. The silly bird ran right into the window, so guess the joke was on him. (He wasn't hurt, but I bet he has a nasty headache.)

Have a good day everybody.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Double Trouble here....

Good morning.... or afternoon ... or evening... depending on when you are reading this. Bugsy and I are hard at work on our posts. I don't think HH understands what it takes for us babies to concentrate long enough to put up a post. Max is training us right though. He's having us write the post out in pawhand before we key it into the computer. Just like homework, we hand it in to him for his stamp of approval...

Today, however it's easy. We're posting HH's first cartoon of us. The other day, she showed you what we would look like. Well, now she's decided the name for the cartoon... DOUBLE TROUBLE. Can't imagine how she came up with that name.

And, she worked on the first one. We're showing you a sketch. I'm sure she wouldn't show you this until the perfect time. But you know me. I like to live dangerously, so I'm posting this without her permission. Shhhhhh don't tell her I did this.....

Have a great day...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bugsy... Cat Wall

Oh...oh... it's my turn to blog again. I did not know this. I don't even keep track of the days of the week. I'm gonna have to keep a schedule so I can be ready with my blog post.

Do not fear... just cuz I didn't know it was my day to blog, doesn't mean I don't have something for you.

No sireeeee... I do have something very fun. I was surfing the web... yes, I do that too... and I found this great wall system. You know how Knuckles likes to be up high. Well... If we had this wall system, HH wouldn't have to worry about us knocking things off her shelves.

Picture courtesy of Modern Cat

I thought you'd all like to see it and maybe send for one for yourself (and maybe one for me.....) What? Oh, HH says that just cuz she won't give me a credit card doesn't mean I'm allowed to ask others to send me things... S'cuse me... I'm just a baby... I didn't know that.

Well, then, I'm gonna get a paper route and earn the monies for it. Cuz it's just too cool.... Here's the link if you wanna closer look...

Let me know how you like it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Max on Mondays: Lesson Learned

It's a new week and I'm here to show you a picture HH took of Bugsy this weekend. Now, there's nothing better than a new toy... and especially one with feathers that tickle your mouth when you put the bitey on it.

Bugsy didn't know what to do with his new toy at first. I don't think he'd ever seen feathers up close and personal. HH expected him to go wild for it, but he just circled it and walked away.

Later, in his own time and on his own terms, he grabbed it and hugged it.


Lesson Learned: Just because you don't act crazy in love with something at first doesn't mean you won't like it later... In other words... leave the toy on the floor. It might grown on you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

The boys have the right idea for a Sunday. They are huddled together for some serious napping. They've been training for it and are becoming quite skilled at snoozing.

I hope all of you have had a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.

And remember.... Max Loves Ya!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Caturday...

Good morning... We're both here to say Happy Caturday to you.

Bet you didn't think we could sit still long enough for a picture like this. It was a rare moment. So, Bugsy (on the throne, of course) and I are going to pull out all our toys today and have a toy fest.

What are you doing with your Saturday? Hope you have a great time....

Friday, June 3, 2011

This and That on Friday

The boys and I just signed up for Christmas in July over at Purs and Snorts. Check it out. It sounds like fun.

We're so happy it's Friday. It has been a busy and running week for HH. So she's looking forward to a little R & R with us starting tonight. First she has to go to quilt group and then down to the galleries for a few minutes. ... she says a few minutes, but it's always longer than that. We'll wait patiently of course. ... and not get in t...r....o...u...b...l...e, right boys?

Well, I hope all of you have great things planned for the weekend. Have a super time and enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knuckles talks about Manny...

Oh- oh... It's my turn to put up the listing from the SPCA of North Brevard. First Time... so be patient...

So, I went over to the SPCA site and I picked Manny to feature today. You know why? Because he's 8 years old and Max told me it's harder to place an older cat.

Well, I said that that's just plain crazy. Who wouldn't want Manny? He's older and wiser and would be perfect for someone who doesn't want to go through the flying from the china cabinet stage or the lampshade stage.

Yes, Manny is ready to settle right in with someone. And, he's very handsome too... Just take a look at him...

Here's Manny's story in his own words...

Hi! My name is Manny. Not only am I handsome, I am an easy going kind of guy with a gentle nature. I'm very friendly with other cats. And I love to be held and petted by nice people like you. It's no fun being stuck in this cage, so please come and get me. I'm neutered, micro chipped, have all my shots, and I am ready to go to a forever home. Love, Manny
ID Number: 12858299
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix
Gender: male
Color: White/black

Manny is in Florida at the SPCA of North Brevard. Visit their website to inquire about him. Please let people know about him ... Thank you very much...!

Oh... and since it's Thankful Thursday, I want to say that Bugsy and I are thankful that HH adopted us from the SPCA of North Brevard.

Have a great day....

Wordless Wednesday: What's going on here?