Monday, October 31, 2011


Welcome to Our Halloween Commentathon
If you didn't read about it earlier, Knuckles and Bugsy want to sponsor one of the cats over at the Humane Society of South Brevard. It costs $5.00 per month or $60.00 per year.  HH said she'd give them 50 cents per comment on Halloween. 

So, please make a comment and tell all your friends to stop by too... we need 120 comments to sponsor a cat for a year
... We CAN DO THIS... 
Thanks for your help!
Now, enjoy our Halloweenie pictures...

Happy Halloweenie everybuddy... So glad you stopped by. Hope you have a wonderful day...

We hope your Halloween is electrifying!!!

Yes, I do love my Halloween shirt... At least mine doesn't have Hello Kitty on it like Knuckles... hee hee...

Yes, it's me, Knuckles... Have a Wonderful Halloween, everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and making our Halloween special...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flat Max on.... New York Day Two!

OMC.... buddies... I'm having a great time on my trip.  I love being with Tony and Mike ( and Michael now too....) Here's my report for Saturday...

We had a big day on our trip on Saturday.  We saw a real castle yesterday.. It's called Boldt Castle. It was built by George C. Boldt, the propietor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  He built it to show his love for his wife. Isn't that sweet...?  It's in Alexandria Bay on Heart Island.  Woo hoooo isn't it pretty....?  

And we went to see this big rock... Here I am with it.

It's the crest of the Frontrenac Axis, rocks that connect the Adirondacks with the ancient core of the continent, the Precambrian Terrain of the Canadian Shield.... wha????  Oh...oh.... eyes crossing, but that's what it said on the plaque by it.  I'd tell you the whole thing, but suffice it to say we had fun at the rock... It's a cool rock, don'choo think?

Then we moved on to just enjoying the outside... Since we live in Florida, it's been a long time since I've seen fall colors up close and personal... Here are just a few of the wonderful sites I saw....   BEAUTIFUL...

Look at those colors behind me.  Woohoooo.... beautiful, right?

And I got to sit in this gazebo thingy and enjoy the colors....

And this picture is for Toni, cuz Toni's favorite color is red.... Another beautiful picture, right?

And here I am posing with my new friend, Mr. Scare Crow.  He wasn't very talkative, but was nice.
There you have it, pals.  This is your roving reporter signing off after another day on our tour of New York. I know many of you were worried about the snow.... we haven't seen it yet, but I'll report on it if we see some tomorrow.

For now.... have a great Easy Like Sunday, pals.... And remember  Flat Max loves ya!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Max on ... Flat Max's Great Adventure.... I can fly!!!!

 Good Morning , pals.

Flat Max has phoned in the first report of his trip to New York.  Here's what's happened so far...

Pals.... The biggest surprise so far is that I flew... Just like birds. well faster than birds actually. I was way up there in the air... What a concept. Don't try it without a plane, pals...

This is me with Mike (he's Toni's husband) on the airport tram.

At the gate... Toni and I are looking at the airplane.
On board, I looked around. They let me pick my seat.

Sorry about the glare. Of course I picked a seat by the window...
I just wanted to report that even if we come straight home right now I've had a great adventure... but they tell me there's much more to come. The airplane ride is just transportation to Toni and Mike. They say we're gonna see lots of things and do lots of things once we get to New York.  I'll be back with more to tell ya... don't switch that dial...

There you have it from Flat Max.  He's having fun on his great adventure.  Hope you're having a great weekend too.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flat Max is having a great time

Toni sent this picture of Flat Max.... He's having a great time on his trip to New York with HH's friends Toni and Mike. As you can see Flat Max claimed prime real estate in the car on the way to the airport.  He got to look out ALL the windows and watch everything... no cat carrier for him....

On the tram at the airport he picked up a new follower or two for following him on twitter.... Airport employees....  anyway I'll report more later.... Just wanted to show you that he's off and having fun.

On another note... I hope you'll come by and send all your friends over here on Monday for our Commentathon.  HH has agreed to give the boys 50 cents per comment. They are trying to earn enough money to sponsor a cat at the Humane Society of South Brevard.  It's $5.00 a month, but Bugsy and Knuckles are determined to sponsor one for a whole year....  So that means we need  $60.00 or 120 comments... Yikes... Max needs all your help on this one pals.  Thanks in advance.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Morning, pals...

Great News Here!!!  Flat Max is going on a trip.  HH's friends Toni and Mike are going to New York to see their son retire from the military.  And during the trip, they are going to Niagara Falls too. 

So, yesterday, Toni asked HH if Flat Max could go with them... Needless to say, HH said he could and Flat Max is excited.  There will be so many new things for him to report on.  First of all he's never been out of Florida. And, this will be his first trip on an airplane.  No cat carrier for him... Since he's a Flat version of me, he'll be able to sit with Toni and see everything. 

Sooooo, anyhoooooo, he'll be off on his adventure this morning and will report in next week when he returns.  OMC what a wonderful opportunity.

Not to worry about our Halloween festivities.  Since we're sending Flat Max on this trip, I'll still be here to help the boys with Halloween.

Have a great day pals. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Guest Star today....

Good Morning, pals. 

HH had a great talk with Sibyl from the Humane Society of South Brevard the other day.  HH was asking her how Bugsy, Knuckles and I could help them spread the word about some of the things that they do and some of their needs.  She gave her many suggestions.  I decided that I'll post information about some of them on Tuesdays. 

So, one of the programs going on over there is the Sponsor program. There are many cats who are difficult to find homes for. They are a no-kill shelter and they sure could use help in taking care of those kitties who may never be chosen for a home. So they started a sponsor program where for a $5.00 per month commitment, people can become a sponsor of one of there long term residents.

I think it's a neat idea.... Here's what happens in the words of  Robert, the Spokescat for the Sponsor program...

Robert, the Spokescat for Sponsor Cats

Would you like to share in the life of a wonderful cat but can't have one of your own? Well, we are a terrific gang of cats here known as the Sponsor Cats. I am Robert and I am the spokescat for the group.
 Unfortunately, we know we are not likely to be adopted because some of us have long term health issues, difficult personalities (some say that's me), or disabilities. Also, some cats here are absolutely purrfect, but just keep getting passed over.
We would love to have a special friend, and for only $5 a month or $60 a year, you can help to take care of one of us. Your donation goes toward our food (we eat the good stuff), yearly exams, vaccinations (yuck), and any medical treatments.

If you choose to sponsor one of us, I will send you a picture, a biography, and if you come by to visit I'll teach you our secret Sponsor Cats handshake!

Feel free to come visit us any afternoon at the shelter.

Thanks, Robert, well said.... Now, I know that many of you who read my blog, don't live in Florida... but this is something you can do from far away or maybe a friend of yours has been looking for a way to help out.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about this great program. 

And, I wanted to tell you all to come by my blog on Halloween. As part of our celebration, we're having a commentathon. HH is going to give 50 cents for every comment on the blog during that day. Bugsy, Knuckles and I get to use the money to sponsor one of the kitties over there.

If you want to know more about the programs at the Humane Society of South Brevard, take a look at their website... You'll find their address, phone number and email address over there too, if'n you have any questions. And here's the link for the page about the Sponsor Program if you're interested in knowing more about that.

That's it for today, pals.... Happy Tuna Tuesday, everybuddy...

And, remember.... Max Loves Ya!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Easy Like Sunday and a Little Announcement too

Good Morning Everybuddy... We played so much with our toys yesterday that we'll be taking a snooze most of the day.  Hope you have similar plans for your Sunday too. It's time to get your easy on.

Before we go off to take our naps... we have an exciting announcement for all you shoppers out there...  Here it is...

Great News Everybuddy... 

HH has decided to give all the beans out there a little incentive to try out her books.. She has lowered the prices on the Kindle versions of them to $2.99 per book... 

Check them out. That way, if you want to give one of them in the paper version to a friend or family member for Christmas, you can check it out inexpensively on your Kindle... This price is good at least through Halloween and maybe beyond... 


The Zen of Max is of course the memoir of MaxtheQuiltCat... It's is a story of a wonderful friendship. It's humorous and touching all at the same time.  It's the perfect gift for all animal lovers.

Ready...Set...Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter is a wonderful manual that tells you how to get up and get going on Twitter in no time... Please check them both out....

If you have already read them, please spread the word to your friends...  Have a great day.

This notice brought to you by
Knuckles and Bugsy... 
=^..^=    +   =^!!^=

 Have a great day everybody...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bugsy on.... Toys

If it's Saturday... it's time for toys! And that's the truth!
Hi Pals... Max gave me the responsibility of bringing you the message for today. And I can't think of any better message than to tell you to grab some toys and have a great day.  Simple, eh?  Enjoy.  We're saving our naps for tomorrow. 

So, you're welcome to come over and join us if you like.  In any case, have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Knuckles on Thankful Thursday ... Nancy and John were Here

Hi pals.... A brief high-fives for the weather. It seems that the temperatures are about to change down here in Florida. I guess the weatherman... who is rarely right (am I right?) has declared that the temperatures are about to fall.  We're sorta hoping that he's right. I guess with Halloween coming up, we're just looking for a cool crisp day to get in the mood.  So, we'll be very thankful on Thankful Thursday if he's a little bit right for a change.

The Main Story.....  I'm excited to tell you about our visitors.  We are very thankful that HH's friends John and Nancy came to visit us for the day yesterday.  What a wonderful thing!  Now, HH has known them for a bajillion years, but Bugsy and I had never met them.  WE LIKE THEM.  In fact, Bugsy showed his affection in his usual way. He climbed right up on Uncle John's (yes, we were told we could call him that) shoulders to take a good look at the back of his head and the room from his point of view. That is Bugsy's usual way of bonding.

Aunt Nancy was feeling a little left out cuz Bugsy and I were paying so much attention to John . So, she picked up the stick with the feathers on the end of it and began to gently swing it to get our attention. Well, you'll never guess what happened next.  All of a sudden she began swinging the thing so fast and hard we could hardly keep up with it ... WE LOVED IT ... we couldn't take our eyes off it. Wooohoooo....We didn't know she had it in her.

Our verdict... We want Nancy and John to COME BACK SOON!

And, where is the video of this visit, you ask?  Oh nose, HH forgot to make a video.  Gotta love her that she does think of these things after the fact though.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Getting Ready

Special thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for decorating our Header for Halloweenie.  We love it.... !!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good morning pals.  It's, of course, Tuna Tuesday again and I know that makes the boys happy and I hope you too.  I hope you'll find a way to sneak a little tuna into your life today.

While you're having your tuna, I thought I might tell you something very important about Halloween... Did you know that the Humane Society doesn't  let people adopt black cats near Halloween for fear that they will be harmed...?

It  never occurred to me that people might be mean to black cats around Halloween.  But if there's some evidence that it's true, I want all my pals out there to be extra careful with adoptions this month and be extra careful about going outside unsupervised.

Thanks to the nice lady from the Humane Society of South Brevard for passing this information along to HH.  And now I'm passing it on to you.... Be careful and prepare for a fun and happy Halloween... 

Oh... and have a happy Tuna Tuesday!!! And remember, Max loves ya!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Max on... Easy Like Sunday

Easy-Like-Sunday Hug
Nothing compares to a hug when you need one.  Am I right?  Well, the boys are settling in for their usual Easy Like Sunday activity.... a nice snooze.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and that your team wins if you're watching the games.

Happy Sunday...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15 is Blog the Change for Animals... Join IN

Blog the Change

We're lucky.  HH adopted us.  Blog the Change so others will be adopted too.
Blog the Change
This is from the Blog the Change for Animals site...
Not just for bloggers…
 Be, Blog and Read the Change for Animals!

Come together to support people helping animals in need each 15th of January, April, July and October.

Bloggers, write about a cause near and dear to your heart.

Readers, share your comments and ideas in answer to these questions and more!
  • What have you done to Be the Change for Animals? 
  • Who do you know who acts tirelessly on animals’ behalf? 
  • What favorite cause has a special need right now? 

This is what we do on October 15... we blog about a cause near and dear to our hearts. This time we're blogging about the Humane Society of South Brevard  If you click the link, you'll go to their wish list. A simple thing to do is to help them meet that simple list. Help make the lives of the workers at the shelter a little easier by helping and help all the animals by supplying the basic needs of the animals they care for there...

check the Blog Paws website often for what's happening

Friday, October 14, 2011

Art by Sheila Wedegis - You're gonna love this book

Good Morning, Pals..... This is the book cover of a very touching and uplifting book.  HH's friend, Sheila Wedegis wrote it about her wonderful dog, Fergus. Sheila said, "We recently lost our Chocolate Lab to a brain tumor. This was my way of healing and having his voice heard from the Rainbow Bridge."

It's a beautiful book and beautiful sentiment. Sheila is an accomplished artist and has written several books. You can look at all of them HERE

You're gonna love this. Sheila concentrates on painting in oils. She paints all dogs, but she specializes in Labrador Retrievers... And she works with 6 different Lab Rescues...  a portion of the proceeds of the art goes to the rescues.

If you're interested in seeing more of here work, you can see it  at

Have a look pals.... Love this book.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Max on... Thankful Thursday.

HH and the boys watched  Harry's Law last night. It was about a cyber-bully. In her closing remarks, Harry made the point that blogs, news shows, political pundits, etc., all trade on the proliferation of "mean."

That speech made me realize how thankful I am that the cat blogosphere is all about kindness. What a nice respite it is from the rest of the world.

Thanks, pals!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

     Once in a while it's great to sleep
                          with your head in your toys!                                              

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chocolate Week... wooohoooo!

Good Morning ... Knuckles here.  This post if for the food humans.  I just wanted to alert you to the fact that it's Chocolate Week in the UK.  I guess in the United States, Chocolate Week is in March.  

I don't think it matters.  It it's Chocolate Week anywhere in the world, everybuddy can indulge. 

Why do I care? you ask. Well.... I say, if the food humans are happy, we're happy.  Am I right?  

Have a great and chocolaty day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Max on Monday... The Party

Saturday, it rained all day. Some sort of depression out there over the Bahamas caused it. We wondered if HH would go to the Black Cat Rescue benefit at the Art Gallery of Viera.

Of course, she went and so did the FLAT versions of me, Bugsy, and Knuckles. And guess who went with them to represent the on-line black cats.... do you see him right next to Knuckles...?

Yep... you're right. It was Stuffed Mr. Puddy (actually, that stuffed black and white cat used to be called Tux, but after I met Mr Puddy on line, I asked HH to rename him).

Here's a close-up shot of him....

Anyhooooo, we want to thank Mr. Puddy for going with the boys and posing for every picture with them. He's a great ambassador for black cats everywhere.

Without further ado, here are the best of the pictures that HH took and the story to go with them.

This is Sibyl Aloe. She's the president of the Humane Society of South Brevard, Inc. It's a no-kill shelter in our area. They are the ones Brian was blogging about a while back. They had an intake of almost 100 black and white cats this year. Anyway, HH talked with Sibyl and they do wonderful work. The people who attended the party brought her donations for the cats and to thank them for all they do...

This is Bobbi Q Brown. She's the artist who put out the publicity about the event and did so much to put it all together. She and HH work together to get the word out about all the events at Art Gallery of Viera. Bobbi is a watercolor artist. Check out some of her work...

Wooohoooo... this is J. Susan Cole Stone (we just call her Susan). Anyway, the boys have met her in person. Now you might notice that her Halloween costume consists of a beer can on the end of that wire thing. Well, Susan is going out to California to run in the marathon for the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society. She's been training and the beer can is her "carrot" ... she chases it down the road... HEE HEE... Anyway, Susan is a watercolor artists also. You just gotta see her work, too.

This is Helen Wheatley. Do you see the horns on her head? The boys thought they were pretty cool and want HH to grow some of those. They light up and blink on and off. Helen works in watercolor, mixed media and acrylics. She's always at the gallery... Always .... when HH stops by... Check out her work here.

So, this is Dij Pacarro... She's one of my favorites. You know why? Well, she's a fabric artist. In other words, pals, she makes quilts. And you know how I feel about quilts. Well, hers are deluxe and I wish I had had a chance to sit on every one of them. Check them out here.

This is Jeanette Drake. She's a watercolor artists too and she paints the most beautiful birds. Now, I know that many of you like to watch bird TV... Well, seeing her paintings is better than that, for sure. Check out her work here.Link

This is Rudy Pacarro. He's a potter... OMC, he makes the most beautiful pots. You can see a couple of them on the shelf behind us. Anyway, he's married to Dij, in case you noticed the names were the same. We just met him last night, but see how he smiles. We know he'd be fun to play with on the floor... Take a look at his work here.

And this is Suzan Brooks. She makes the most interesting things out of found objects and things that you can recycle. HH has taken a couple of her old applicances (like an electric mixer and some computer parts) to her for her artwork. She made that piece on the wall to her right and down. Pretty cool, huh... You will see some of her work here.

Those were some of the interesting people we met. The boys were looking for Jerry Hanzl and his wife Cher while they were there. Jerry's a digital artist and he and Cher have stopped by to meet the boys. Unfortunately, the rain ate his car, so he didn't make it to the opening party.

I know you're waiting to hear how we ran amok at the party, but we didn't get in any trouble. Of course we had Mr. Puddy there to set an excellent example for us... hee hee. They did have a big table of food for the party, but we were not allowed anywhere near that.

We were even good when the bird lady came with the real parrots. We did not try to chase them. And, the boys want to say that they had a wonderful time and want to thank the Humane Society of South Brevard, Inc for all the good work they do and also we want to thank the Art Gallery of Viera for putting on this wonderful art exhibit to help the animals. We think you are all super cool.....

PeeS: The real Bugsy is still a little confused and doesn't understand the Flat concept. He's still wearing his mask in hopes of attending the party. Oh well, at least he'll be ready for October 31st.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Max on Easy Like Sunday... post party napping

Okay.... So the boys aren't tuckered out from the party (since they finally figured out that they weren't really going in the flesh)... they're tuckered out from wondering what Flat Max, Flat Bugsy, and Flat Knuckles were doing at the party. So we'll all be taking it Easy Like Sunday over here today.

HH promised she'll sort out the pictures from last night, so I can post them tomorrow. Suffice it to say that a great time was had by all. Just wanted to drop by to put up a quick post to tell you all to have a wonderful Easy Like Sunday.

We aren't going anywhere today. Yesterday it rained 5.6 inches and today we're getting more. Our footsies are not stepping outside the condo today, not that they do on any other day either; but HH even says she's staying home all day too. Gonna wait for all that rain to soak in.

Have a great day everybuddy....