Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the winner is...........

The Academy Award After Party is almost over, but Bugsy and I are so excited. We get to announce the winner of the Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag.  This is such an honor that we put on our bow ties for the occasion.

Anyway, without further ado... Random.org picked our winner and that winner is:

Katie Isabella

Wooooohooooooo...Congratulations to Katie.  Send in your snail mail address to maxthequiltcat@gmail.com and we'll have The Tiniest Tiger send you the prize.....

Don't forget pals, that the blog tour continues and there are more blogs giving away the wonderful Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag too. So go to the Academy Award Cat Walk Blog Tour and visit the other blogs on the tour.

For now, we're signing off and we do sincerely thank you all for coming and we wish you a very happy Toona Tuesday.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour at Max's Place

Are you ready for the Academy Awards?. We are celebrating today in anticipation and will continue on with an after party all day tomorrow.

I don't know about you, but we are more than excited. As you can see, the boys and I have our formal attire on for the event. We feel so honored to have been asked to be part of The Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour.... So here we are to tell you all about what's been happening this week.

Gracey on the Red Carpet
This was all started by Gracey and her human Joanne McGonagle at The Tiniest Tiger.  If you don't know them, please go visit their blog and real all about their wonderful activities here:   http://conservationcubclub.com/2012/01/the-tiniest-tiger-prepares-to-walk-the-red-carpet/     

Joanne McGonagle, author of The Tiniest Tiger and co-owner of Triple T Studios, and Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” attended the Secret Room Events and Backstage Luxury Lounge where Celebrity Gift Bags are given to the nominees honoring the Academy Awards. Triple T Studios designed The Tiniest Tiger’s Hipster Bag filled with feline friendly products, which was given to the VIP Celebrities at the event. Here are some pictures of Flat Gracey at the event. Pretty exciting, eh?

Of course, This is Jackson Galaxy
And here she is with Tyler P. Scott
Earlier in the week, many of you attended the Red Carpet Twitter Event.  Well, from now until March, the blogs on the blog tour will post their portion of the Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour. So check here for the other blogs involved.  

Each blog is giving away a  Tiniest Tiger's Hipster Bag just like the one the celebrities received. So check back with all of the blogs when they have their give aways and you'll multiply your chances to win this wonderful bag... 

And when we say it's filled with Goodies, we mean it's filled with goodies.  Somebody figured it out to be worth about $242.  (Note: I didn't figure that out, cuz my math is not all that great.... but it's true).

Here's a picture of the bag... Cool, eh?

Okay, so you can enter if you're from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. All you need to do to be entered in the give away at my blog is leave a comment and we'll draw for the Tiniest Tiger's Hipster Bag at the end of Monday and announce the winner on Tuesday...

So that about sums it up. We're having a party today and tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll give a little update on how the Awards go tonight. Then I'll announce the winner of the give-away on Tuesday... So be sure to leave a comment to be entered for the prize.

Before I sign off for today, let me thank Gracey and Joanne McGonagle at The Tiniest Tiger for all they have done to make this possible.  And, I also want to commend them on all they do for cats around the world... Here's just a taste of what they do...

McGonagle spent last summer living among lions and the Maasai in Kenya as part of a
Global Field Master of Zoology program. Her blog, The Tiniest Tiger, has raised over
$30,000 to help both domestic and big cats programs. Proceeds from the sale of The
Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag benefits global conservation programs, with Lion Guardians
getting the lion’s share (http://livingwithlions.org/lion-guardians.html).

Pawsome, right!!!?

Have a great time Everybuddy and thanks for coming by.

Monday Morning Update...Did you watch the show last night?

Here's a little recap of some of the winners if you didn't hear:

Best Picture: The Artist
Best Actress: Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, The Artist
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Best Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants, Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash
Best Animated Feature Film: Rango
Best Foreign Language Film: A Separation (Iran)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo Hunt: LOUD!!!

This is where I used to go when HH got a little too loud for me. It was a great place to be, cuz the lining is filled with nip.

Academy Awards tomorrow... Be sure to stop by...

Have a great day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Max on... We're getting ready for theRed Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour

Hi Everybuddy... we're very excited over here.  First, we attended the Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party the other night in honor of The Tiniest Tiger (Gracey) being at the Academy Awards with Jackson Galaxy (My Cat from Hell) and all the other glam stars. The Twitter party was great and it was a treat for the boys. Although I didn't let them tweet.... they sat right by the computer and watched all the goings on.

So there's more....

We're having an Academy Award party of our own this weekend. Check back tomorrow. It may start tomorrow or Sunday at the latest... we don't know for sure yet as we want to wait to include some of the pictures The Tiniest Tiger is going to send us of the stars in California...

We are truly excited about the Academy Awards and being part of the festivities of the Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour. You won't want to miss it.

The boys have their bow ties at the ready. Until then, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots of Words on Wordless Wednesday: Red Carpet Twitter party and Occupy Our Toys

It's Wordless Wednesday, but just can't get done what needs to be done without words today.

#Red CarpetCat Twitter Party: First of all... you may notice our header.  It's in honor of the Academy Awards. Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the wonderful new header. 

The Academy Award festivities start today with the #RedCarpetCat Twitter party. It's from 5:30 to 7pm Pacific time... Please join us. Jackson Galaxy, for My Cat From Hell TV show will be there.  He will join Gracey from The Tiniest Tiger. They will be tweeting live from the Secret Room Event in Los Angeles. So, Tweet right along with them later today.

So that's why we put our header up.  We are celebrating the Academy Awards today on Twitter then all weekend long on the Blog Tour. So watch for information about that.

Occupy our Toys: Another reason we can't be wordless today is that we are supporting Occupy our Toys in solidarity with Coco the Princess.  Here's Bugsy  and Knuckles standing  (or sleeping guard) over their toys.

Even throughout the night, the boys take turns guarding their toys with their night-vision glasses...

That's it for today.  Have a great time at the Twitter party, pals. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras

Wooohoooo.... Happy Mardi Gras everybuddy.  All the girls at Jacqueline's Cat House issued this Mardi Gras Challenge and of course we could not resist, cuz we love to wear our masks.... that's for sure.

You don't know who I am, do you?  I am In Cognito...

Bugsy is so funny.... But seriously, I'm reporting to you from up high... I can see all the parades from here.
Enjoy your Mardi Gras Celebrations, pals...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Max on ...It's Red-Carpet Week.... Here's the Scoop

This is gonna be a big week, pals.  You know that the Academy Awards are next weekend. Well there are all sorts of festivities going on surrounding this big event. I'm just giving you a heads up so you'll be ready to participate in all of them.

First there is the #RedCarpetCat Twitter party. It's hosted by Event Barkers and is on February 22, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, Pacific time. You know who will be there?  Do you?  This is big.  ...Jackson Galaxy, for My Cat From Hell TV show will be there, that's who.  He will join Gracey from The Tiniest Tiger. They will be tweeting live from the Secret Room Event in Los Angeles. 

Red Carpet Badge Update

This is a party you won't want to miss cuz they'll be giving away lots of prizes. Be sure to RSVP to be eligible for the prizes.

The Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour

Then, later on, The Party continues with the Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour. I'm very excited to tell you that I will be part of the Blog Tour.  So, watch my blog for further developments on this cuz I'll be giving away a great prize, too.  

Cat Walk Blog Tour

 This won't be on the same day as the Twitter party, but I'll let you know what day I decide to open for comments on the prize. Thanks to The Tiniest Tiger for putting this all together. It's gonna be one super event. And you never know, you just might Snag Your Own Swag from the over 22 Fantastic Sites on the Blog Tour!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday - Bird TV

Good Morning everybuddy... Today, instead of going directly to the Easy part of Sunday... we're offering, for your viewing pleasure, a little pre-Easy-Like-Sunday Bird TV.

 Here are a couple more of HH's pictures from the morning when she had breakfast with her brother at Port Canaveral... Enjoy...

Cold that day...all three boats had Standing Room Only of Pelicans huddled together.

This is what a pelican looks like from Earth.

Have a great day!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Treats, Treats, Everywhere

Good morning, pals.....

It's Friday and I have the honor of announcing TGIF...

Knuckles and I have been very active and we taught HH yet another lesson this week...

 I guess you could say we were naughty, but is it really naughty when you get in trouble for something and it's the first time you've heard that what you did was not allowed?  I'm just saying that if we'd known what we did was against the rules, we would never have done it. Right Knuckles?  Knuckles....? KNUCKLES  !!!?... Where are ya pal..? A little back up here would be nice.

Anyway, HH said that we had to tell you what we did. So here goes... So the other day, HH gave us each a treat and that was the end of the treats in the treat jar... So she took out a new package of treats and filled the jar, set it on the counter where she always puts it and left to run some errands..

When she came back, she found the treat jar on the floor broken and all the treats were missing.  Now, she thinks we ate them all... but... we don't remember doing that. Right Knuckles?  Knuckles...? KNUCKLES...?

Anyway.... we are sorta on treat restriction over here. HH has learned to hide the treats from us, so if you could slip us a few, we'd be every so grateful.

Have a great weekend....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K

Happy Valentine's Day everybuddy. Today we are joining others in blogging for K and KB as their Pillars of Strength


K is a very special dog belonging to KB, a blogger who does amazing work chronicling her life in the Rocky Mountains.  KB posts videos and pictures of bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, elk, etc., etc., and some of the most amazing mountain views we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  If you have never found her blog, we strongly recommend going - http://romp-roll-rockies.blogspot.com/ . The photography is so beautiful. It'll take your breath away.  I mean it, be prepared you just might stop breathing for a minute or two when you look at some of those mountain scenes.  And, The pictures of the dogs are beautiful too..

If you read only a few of her blog posts, you will quickly discover that her heart dog is K, a faithful canine companion on all of her adventures.  Unfortunately, K is facing some very challenging health issues and has her next round of chemotherapy on Friday, February 17.  Any of you who are animal lovers and have faced the same situation know what a difficult time this is for KB.  So we're blogging for K  and KB on Valentine's Day to be their Pillars of Strength as they go through this time and want you to join us. Let's all send purrrs and woofs of strength to K.... 

Message to K
K... we are sending you all our best purrrs... We want to help be your strength on February 17 and beyond.   Extra love to you, your mom and to R too. 

Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

Monday, February 13, 2012

Max on... Pelican

HH went to have breakfast with Uncle Jim at Grill's at Port Canaveral and looky-look what she brought home.  No, no such luck, ...she didn't actually bring the pelican home. But there were a bunch of them out on the boats in front of the restaurant, so she brought home this picture of one and lots more pictures too... Some of them flying, but I'll save those for some other time.

Anyway, she said that this guy is much bigger than Bugsy or Knuckles and maybe bigger than both of them put together ...  When they take off, they do look a little bottom heavy, but after a little umpity- upmpties... they make it.... Anyway, just thought you might like to see Mr. Pelican's cousin up close and personal.

It's Valentine's Eve today... are you ready for all the hearts that'll be floating around cyberspace tomorrow..?  Time to get ready.

Have a great day.!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy Like Sunday.... BRRRRRRR

I know it sounds funny coming from Florida, but there is a little chill in the air this morning. In fact, before too many more minutes, we're heading off to snuggle in the covers... Enough of sitting here at the desk with the wind blowing outside, But before we do, I just wanted to tell you all to have a great Easy Like Sunday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo Hunt: Heart

I just noticed that Sparkle and Zoolatry have Heart as the photo hunt word.  We can work with that. We have lots of hearts over here, cuz HH drew them for Valentine's Day.  Here are a couple of them:
This one looks a little like a necklace.

oooooh and this one looks like a spider web

and this final one is just red bubbles... but...

they are all hearts and that's what's important this time of year.

Happy Weekend before Valentine's Day, everybuddy...

And don't forget to send some purrs over to Poppy Vic.  We need to help him feel better....

Friday, February 10, 2012

This and That on Friday

Bugsy and Knuckles love playing with the toys that Kjelle Bus sent them. Bubsy's favorite is the bumble bee and Knuckles likes the mouse the best. Well, as you can see, they are the perfect size to stash somewhere, but the boys forgot where they put them. Yesterday, HH needed the yardstick from the closet and there they were. The boys went nuts as if they were brand new toys. Today, they are missing again, but I guess HH will find them again someday soon.

So, Mr. Pelican is reporting in on the condition of the cord to the phone charger. He has guarded it well and Bugsy has not chewed on it since Mr. Pelican was assigned to guard duty. Good Job, Mr. Pelican.

Thanks to everybody for the cat tree suggestions yesterday.  Next, we do the research on all the ones that you mentioned...

Hope you all have a great day and great weekend.   TGIF!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Max... with a question for you...

Okay, pals... this is absolutely top secret. The boys don't know anything about it, but HH and I think the boys are old enough now to gain a little altitude in the condo.

If you followed us when HH first brought the boys home, you know they were climbers ... big time climbers. In fact, HH, if you remember, had to give away the china cabinet because Knuckles kept climbing to the top of it and dive-bombing people. She couldn't convince him not to do it ... he was just a baby, after all.

So, anyway, the secret is that HH is starting to look at cat trees for the boys. So, I told her I would help her do the research by asking all of you if you have a tree you really like and what it's called and where you got it.    ...... We thank you  on thankful Thursday for your help.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sponsoring Cats

The boys were just getting ready to send their Valentine to Robert, the beautiful cat they sponsor at the Humane Society of South Brevard. It struck us that we hadn't talked about sponsoring cats in a while.

On Halloween, if you remember, the boys earned the money to sponsor Robert.  Here's Robert...

He lives at the Humane Society of South Brevard and seems very happy there.  People can sponsor cats there  and I bet at all Humane Societies and at all SPCA shelters.  They do find that for one reason or another some cats just don't get picked for adoption. For those cats, they could sure use the help in financing their stay. 

It's wonderful when shelters adopt the policy of being a no-kill shelter.  They could all use some help in taking care of the pets they promised to protect. 

And that's the way it is!

Have a wonderful Toooona Tuesday, everybuddy.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

It's Easy-Like-Sunday time.

Knuckles already has his easy on and I'm getting there, but I'm staying awake long enough to tell you to have a great day, everybuddy.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Saturday

Stop the Presses..... OMC.... look what we just got in the email..!!! Ann sent us a better, improved, and splendiforous version of our Valentine Header... It's wonderful... Thanks so much Ann 

Now on with today's blog post...

Smile? Ha! Absolutely not...until I get my breakfast!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

Just a quickie today.  I just put up our Valentine Header...After Valentine's Day is over, we'll have a new Spring header.... Have a great day everybuddy.

And remember.... Max loves ya!!!