Friday, March 30, 2012

Special Weekend Sale at Nip and Bones... Don't miss it!!

Knuckles and Bugsy were thrilled to hear that we are going to help Baby Patches and Nip and Bones stay in business.... You know how we are helping.... by buying some toys.  In fact, while I was writing this post, HH and the boys went over to and bought collars for Knuckles and Bugsy and some toys.  We love shopping... They have lots of wonderful products for cats and for dogs, so please help out and please help spread the word.  .

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Purrs and Woofs for Judi

Our friend Judi is very very sick.... Please join us is sending her purrrs and woofs. Here's an update...

click here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Max on.... Tuna Tuesday

Good morning pals....

The boys have perked up from their nap to help me spread the word.  It's Tuna Tuesday. Now if you don't get tuna today, you just come to me and I'll show your bean the page in the Cat Lover's Manual where it says that each cat shall receive Tuna on Tuesdays.... honest!

So, HH is taking a painting class on line.  She's a little protective of her paintings these days, cuz they are not perfected yet... so she says. But the boys were able to steal this portion of a painting of Knuckles.  I offer you this work of art that we are giving the title of "Knuckles' Nose." Cute, huh? Too bad she didn't sign this part of the painting. I bet we could sell it on ETSY...

That's all for today folks, except... don't forget that discount code... Yep...  The wonderful people at are offering you 10% off now through March 31 on the Sure Flap pet door.  Go to their site to see it and  use this code... BLOGGER12  ...when purchasing. You'll love having a pet door that opens only for your pet if you set it with his/her microchip code.  Pretty cool. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flat Max on the cruise.... Part 2...

So, here we go with Part 2 of my (Flat Max, that is) cruise with Mary Kay and Ginny. First I want to show you how beautiful the water is... and the size of the ships. If you haven't been on a ship before, let me tell you... I did not have time to make it all the way around the ship and meet everybuddy. Just not enough hours in the day. But, we met plenty of people, that's for sure.

One day there was a double rainbow. Mary Kay took a picture of it.  See it over my shoulder. Well, only one of them showed up in the picture, but the second one was there, honest.

I did not know that man behind me.  We did go to the ruins. Fascinating, but I'm not sure if that man is a fan of me or of Tim Dorsey, but he is welcome to be in my picture.  You can see the ruins behind me (and just to set the record straight... I did not ruin them. They were ruined when I got there.)

And we went to the Cayman Islands.  Here's Ginny holding me up by the welcome sign.  We had a very good time there...

I thought this guy looked a littly skeery, but he ended up being okay. I did not let that bird near me however. do you see that beak in him.... it's as big as I am. I'll stick to bird TV, thank you very much.

After all that sightseeing it was time for a little happy hour.  Yes, you are right. That's me sitting in Mary Kay's Pina Colada

Here.... I'll biggify it for you below. See... she made it look like I was actually drinking the pina colada... Ha!

Well.... I had a wonderful time on the cruise.  It was beautiful weather and we went to wonderful places.  I want to thank Mary Kay and Ginny for taking me along.    Here's one more picture to end the story.  Nothing like a sunset at sea...  

Thanks for listening to my story.  Have a great day...


Ohhhhh and PeeeeS... don't forget that...

The wonderful people at are offering you 10% off now through March 31on the Sure Flap pet door.  Go to their site to see it and  use this code... BLOGGER12  ...when purchasing. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sergestock 2012

 Max here...

First of all, before I turn this blog over to Flat Max, I want to say that (I'm sure you noticed) we have a new header in honor of Easter and Spring and all things new, wonderful and bunny-ish. We are so thrilled. Thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for this beautiful addition to our growing collection of headers. WE do love it, That's for sure!!...

Have a wonderful day... everybuddy!

Now, heeeeeerrrrrreeeee's Flat Max...

Sergestock 2012
Howdy, everybuddy... Flat Max here. Am I a lucky Flat Cat or what?. I just returned from another Caribbean Cruise.  This time. I went with our downstairs neighbor, Mary Kay, and her friend Ginny. They were wonderful  to travel with and I didn't even need my slicker one time.

But don't let me get two far ahead. I do want to start by telling you the reason for this trip. Mary Kay loves reading Tim Dorsey books. Well his main character is Serge Storm. So, Tim decided to have a cruise in honor of Serge, so, of course, Mary Kay signed up right away.  The cruise was aptly named Sergestock 2012.  Okay, everybuddy up to date?

So here I am... Luggage packed and ready to go.

This next picture is of Mary Kay and Tim Dorsey and me.  We're not on the cruise yet. This is the night before at the send-off party for the cruise...  Since I'm a writer too, it was such an honor for me to meet Mr. Dorsey.  He is quite the character.... OMC... that's for sure!!!

Mary Kay on the left, Tim Dorsey... famous author.... and me!

In this next picture, we are lounging on the deck of the boat.... What a wonderful place...
Me, Mary Kay and Ginny have a little beverage... or at least they were. My ink runs when I get around beverages...

They had a deck on their room and I had my own deck chair on this trip too.  I am very lucky that the people who invite me on trips, travel in style.  And wasn't it lucky that the chair was blue to go with my eyes....

Remember on that other cruise there was a towel animal on the bed?  Well... I met a new friend on this cruise too.  A walrus....

Tomorrow, be sure to tune in for Part 2 of my cruise story.

Hope you all have a great Saturday...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Max on... Saturday

Just a short note this morning.  Flat Max returned from his cruise, so he'll be reporting on that to you over the weekend. 

Today I want to talk with you about an offer I received for you from SureFlap. Those are the people who have that wonderful pet door that operates based on the microchips you program into it. So, no more surprise visits from anything but those you invite.  

Anyway, you can read all about it in our previous post about it here...

The wonderful people at are offering you 10% off now through March 31. Just use this code... BLOGGER12  ...when purchasing. 

Have a great day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Max on....Oh...oh... I've been tagged

I've been slow about responding to this, but I've been tagged. The wonderful Michelle Stringer @grrllysquirrel tagged me on March 7th.  What a wonderful thing.  Since you've heard our answers before, but you haven't heard HH's answers, we decided to have HH tell you her answers.... So.... without further ado... I'll turn things over to HH...

(HH uses this sunflower as her avatar on line, so we'll use that as a picture of her.)

Describe yourself in 7 words:  writer, editor, artist, sister, friend, aunt, photographer

What keeps you up at night: Bugsy and Knuckles.  They have a habit of jumping over my body at 30 minute intervals from 3am until dawn.

Who would you like to be? At this point in my life, I'm satisfied with who I am. Years ago, I wanted to be a comedienne.

What are you wearing right now?  I m wearing a black shirt and black capris pants.

What scares you? I'm not fond of public speaking and I don't like any diseases.

The best and worst of Blogging... I love all the friends, but I don't like it when I get behind in commenting and don't get around to everyone.:

Last website you visited: I just visited the website of my friend and art teacher.  Look around. She does beautiful work. Her name is J Susan Cole Stone.

One thing you'd change about yourself.  I'd make it so I never had to diet. I'd always eat the right amount of food.... Impossible, I know!!!

Slankets: yes or no? The boys are right... we live in Florida and don't need slankets.

Tell something about the person who tagged you:   Michelle has been a wonderful friend to me and to Max and the boys since we joined Twitter years ago.  We love talking to her on Twitter... although we haven't spent as much time on Twitter lately as we used to. Something else you might be interested in... she's the Number 1 fan of Gavin DeGraw.

Thanks to Michelle for tagging us.... It helped us convince HH that she should tell a little about herself.

Have a great day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New toy on Monday.... what could be better?

Before we share that news. Just a reminder that it's World Cancer Day... We are remembering and sending purrrrs to all those who have been affected by it.

OMC... such excitement at our place this weekend. The boys received their prize package from The Conscious Cat.

HH saved it for a couple of days until Knuckles was feeling all better. Then she let them have it. 

The boys are checking out the package.  I think they are catching a bit of Allegra and Ruby on the package.

The first thing that popped out was a bookmark for Buckley's Story by Ingrid King. Did you read it?  It's great!

OMC  the boys were so excited to receive an original Conscious Cat ModShaker that they even did a great job of sharing it.
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You to Allegra, Ruby, and Ingrid.  We love our new toy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Private Eye Cats by S.N. Bronstein

Brevard author S.N. Bronstein who has previously published The Fairlington Lavender Detective Series, a trilogy of crime novels featuring a Miami Beach private investigator’s misadventures, has released his most recent novel, Private Eye Cats; Book One: The Case of the Neighborhood Burglars. This children’s chapter book is appropriate for ages 9 through 12. 

His books can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats. Visit his website for more information. To purchase the book, visit Amazon

 Book Summary:
Scooter and Nugget cannot be content like most other house cats eating, sleeping, and annoying their humans.  These two sisters, who just happen to speak English as well as cat talk, decide to sneak outside on a regular basis to explore their neighborhood.  When they overhear their human housemates, Tony and Misty, discussing a recent burglary in the area, Scooter and Nugget decide to become amateur detectives and solve the case. Getting outside is easy once Tony and Misty go off to work.  Dealing with the challenges of outdoor cats who are unfriendly and downright mean, dogs who need to prove to them who rules the streets, and a group of gang cats who want them off their turf is not so easy. One challenge after another seems to prevent the cats from solving the crime.  How do they track the criminals down?  How do they figure out where the thieves will strike next?  What do they do if and when they finally do catch them?  Nugget, younger and less experienced than Scooter, does not have a clue how to answer these questions. Scooter, older and wiser, has a plan. Follow along as the plan is put into action.  With the help of Tyrone Wiliams, a teacher at the local middle school who discovers by accident the secret that the cats can speak English, the plot unfolds. These private eye cats will reveal to you just how successful two felines can be when they become determined to solve a crime.
Note: S. N. Bronstein will be participating in the Brevard Authors' Book Fair at the Central Library of Brevard, 308 Forrest Avenue in Cocoa, Florida for 10 to 4 on Saturday, March 31, 2012. Be sure to stop by to see him and for a signed copy of his new book. 

Note from HH:  The boys and I are just starting to read this.  So far, it's wonderful. Full review to follow when we finish.

Have a great day!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Max on.... AS USUAL...

This morning....

....... as usual, HH awoke to Knuckles jumping back and forth over her body

....... as usual, while waiting for their breakfast, Knuckles sideswiped Bugsy and they rolled around on the floor.

....... as usual, the boys sat bright-eyed on HH's desk waiting for their breakfast.

It's not even 6 AM and we already have 3 "as usuals." I would say that we are back to "life as usual" over here and we are so thankful for that.

Still waiting to hear the report from the doctor, but all signs are that whatever has had Knuckles sleeping and acting puny for a week has passed..

Thanks to all of you for all your purs.

pawhugs to all of you.... and remember..... Max loves ya.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Knuckles... update

Haven't heard on that second set of blood tests yet, so don't know much new.

But there were so many nice comments, I did want to let you all know that Knuckles is acting a little peppier today.  So, he's getting there.  He even jumped up to sit with Bugsy in the chair today. That's a great sign.  And he played for a couple of minutes before he went to have another snooze....

Think we're gonna do fine.  I would like to know what this mysterious illness is though.  Maybe the results will come back tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all the support...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knuckles update

Update:  First, thanks to all of you who left comments today. We really appreciate them.  So the good news is that the blood tests showed that he doesn't have any of the big diseases, such as feline leukemia, thyroid condition, diabetes, etc.  The only abnormality is that he is anemic. So, the doctor is testing for a flea and tic disease.  She explained that , although Knuckles doesn't come in contact with fleas or tics in the condo, he could have contracted the disease when he was a kitty in the shelter. I guess the symptoms come back on in cycles.  So, she'll get in touch when she knows more.

Bugsy is still waiting for his brother to resume their wild play, but for now we're just having a quiet time over here while Knuckles sleeps.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful thoughts. I'll update when I know more.

hugs, HH

Bugsy on....Knuckles

Bugsy here.... This is me, yesterday.  Something strange happened...I heard HH say something to me on her way out the door, but I didn't pay attention.  Last time I do that!!!

I was in Knuckles' office (the cube), having a little nap time when HH mumbled something and then she was gone.  When I woke up, I realized that Knuckles was not there and his carrier was missing from the living room (HH leaves the carriers open in the living room. We like to sleep in them sometimes).  So I sniffed around, but I couldn't find Knuckles in any room. 

Now I must tell you the background here so you will understand my angst... Knuckles and I have never been apart.... never....! This is the first time. 

About an hour and a half later, they came back and OMC was I glad to see my brother.  HH opened the carrier and he hopped out. Well, turns out, HH had taken him to the lady who takes temperatures.... OH noes, not that!!!

Knuckles had been feeling under the weather... not jumping on me to tussle and not stealing my toys, and not jumping out at me from behind furniture and scaring the beeswax out of me, and not snuggling up when we both need a little comfort.... and not on bird tv patrol.  You get the picture.

Well, he's perked up a little from all that, but he's still acting under the weather, but no real symptoms, like limping or coughing or anything.  So, the temerature-taking lady doesn't know what's wrong, but she took some blood and gave him some fluids and he's back here where he belongs.  The temperature-taking lady will call today to let HH know what's going on.

I'll update you when I know more.   Thanks for listening....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday... That's Toona Tuesday to you...

Hi Pals.  ... It's Tuna Tuesday don't you know.  WE are excited,because we haven't really concentrated on the pure joy of  Tuna Tuesday in a long time.  We've mixed it up with other news and other events, but for the longest time, we haven't given the Tuna it's own glorious day. So pay attention kitties and pups too.

Tell your beans to get with it if they don't give you tuna. Cold day or hot day... ... wet day or dry day...  Tuna  Tuesday can't be beat.

Enjoy everybuddy....!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bugsy on Flat Max's Latest Adventure

I can't believe.... Guess WHAT? 

Flat Max is off on another cruise.  Yep... That's right.  He left with our friend Mary Kay who lives downstairs in the condo.  She saw the posts about Max's cruise with Toni and Mike and she invited him to go along with her. 

That boy.... He has a better social life than HH and he's made out of paper and stick.

This time it's a special cruise.  It's with Tim Dorsey.  He's an author and Mary Kay is a fan of his. Well, he organized this cruise for his fans.  They leave today out of Tampa and Flat Max will be gone a week.  I hope to have some good pictures for you next week. 

In the meantime. We're getting our easy on over here and are sending you best wishes for a great day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Hey Knuckles, Look we're back in cartoon form. 

Yeah... HH is still trying to perfect our look. Ha! Like we need perfecting, am I right?  So... someday she'll start drawing the cartoons on a regular basis.  First, we need to have "The Look."

In the meantime, everybuddy have a great weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Knuckles makes a new friend...

I'm a little wide-eyed this morning because look who moved in with us. 

I've named him Duck and that's as far as we've gotten.  He seems friendly enough, but have you noticed the size of him?  He hasn't said much since he got here... although I do think Bugsy was talking with him last night. 

So, today, there will be no napping. I'm gonna keep my eye on this character until I figure out what he's up to.  In the meantime..... I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats of Hope for Judi-Bug

Today is HATS of HOPE for Judi-Bug.
I put on my hat in honor of Judi-Bug and am sending her all our purrrrrs.

Today we offer comfort, support, friendship and love to our own
Please add your post to the blog hop
over at Pip's by including your link:

Our friend is Judi and we are sending her purrrs loud and true as she awaits the results of her tests. We are joining together with other dogs and cats on the blogosphere to surround her with all the good thoughts that we can. If you'd like to join us, please do. And if you'd like to visit Judi, please click below.


Visit Judi, Sammy, Andy, Shelley and Sierra by:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flat Max... on the Cruise Part 2

It's Flat Max here. I'm back to tell you more about my trip with Toni and Mike. Yesterday, we talked about the beginning of the cruise. Here's the rest... the beautiful pictures of the places we went.

What a great time we had. The one thing that I really like about the Caribbean is how blue the water and the sky are down there... Just beautiful

This waterfall got Toni all wet, but she didn't seem to mind.  It is beautiful. That's for sure.  Even with my rain gear, I didn't dare get near it however.

Big, Big Thanks to Toni and Mike for taking me on the cruise with them.  I do love our trips........ 

                                            .....yours in seawater, Flat Max

A wonderful time was had by all..... including me....  Hope you enjoyed seeing my trip with Toni and Mike.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flat Max ...on The Cruise...(part 1)

Guess what everybuddy... It's Flat Max here.  I just returned from a cruise with Toni and Mike (you remember them from my trip to Niagra Falls a few months ago).  Yep, you're right. They are the ones who got my furs wet at the falls and my ink ran.  Hee Hee.  However they didn't do it on purpose... Just an unfortunate oversight.

Well, they asked me to go on a cruise with them... I was so excited... It was a great, great trip.  But to make sure I didn't have any running furs this time, HH made me a slicker for the trip... Here it is...

On the way to the ship, I got to ride in the back of the car with the luggage. Not to worry, I prefer that. I can see and keep track of everything back there.

  Soon enough we arrived at the port and boarded our ship.

When we got to our room... I found we had a private balcony and on that balcony I had my own deck chair. Oh man, we went in style this time.... Woooohoooo!!!  Mike and Toni know how to live it up. 

And on the bed, there was a pal waiting for me... Pretty cool huh? He didn't say much, but he was quite friendly.

Anyway, our trip got off to a great start.  Toni and Mike took me everywhere with them. I was not denied access to anything, oh, except the swimming pools. Hee... Hee... Anyway, the trip was great and we'll get into the details of all the things we saw tomorrow....Stay tuned...

I'll tell you Part 2 tomorrow.

Have a great day, everybuddy