Monday, May 28, 2012

Flat Max's Great Train Adventure with his Sidekicks Scott and Wayman

To say that I've been busy lately is an understatement, I have been on the road... or in this case on the rail and have loved every minute of it. I would like to introduce you to my sidekicks Scott and Wayman, but the boys got so busy taking pictures of me and the trains that they forgot to take pictures of themselves. Next time we go on a trip together, I will remind them.

Anyway... if you read Max's blog post a few days ago, you know that Toni's brother Scott and a friend of the family Waylin helped their mom and dad move down to where Toni and Mike live. When Scott and  Wayman (he goes by Sapp) met HH, Scott asked if I could go on the trip with them on the train.

HH loves it when I travel, so she said yes right away and here are the pictures of me and my first train ride.

Now, I must admit... some of these pictures are a little hard to make out.  That's cuz the movement of the train gave Scott fits I'm sure.  And, it looked like to me that he was pointing his phone at me rather than a camera. Just saying....that being said, I think he did a great job of capturing the essence of our wonderful trip together.

Flat Max sitting in his seat with another train passing on the tracks.

This lady works on the train.  See all the pens in her pocket.  In my hayday, I did love to stash pens under the couch. It was hard to resist. I did want to grab a pen or two, but I was good.

This is me and a train...

While we were on the train, I read the safety instructions to the boys.  I wanted them to be prepared in case they needed to get me out of there really fast.  Thanks goodness, that didn't happen.

Here's the important picture.  Looky...looky... this is what they fed me on the train.  I ate like a king!!!

Here's the inside of the train. Almost looks like a plane doesn't it.  Well, we never left the ground.
I just want to tell Scott and Waylin "Thank you.... Thank you ... Thank you" for taking such good care of me on the train and for letting me win at gin rummy and for the plate of chick-hen.  It was wonderful.

Where we goin' next, boys?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Knuckles on the day after Frankie Furter Day!

Do you like my new serious photo? Well, I'm in my office and I decided that this is the photo, specially treated, that I'll use for more serious posts...  Anyhooooooo, we did not post yesterday, so we are a day late with this, but it is no less sincere...

Happy Day-After Frankie Furter Day....


We just wanted to throw a few words out there to our pal Frankie Furter on the day after his day. We love ya, pal. You do so much to keep us all informed and to rally all of us when something needs doing.  We appreciate you and all that you and your mom do for the blogosphere.  Over here.... we're so glad you're our friend.

Have a great day.    

from.... Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH too...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knuckles on Thankful Thursday

Good Morning,. Pals....

Summer is here. We are having those storms named for people... yep. we had the first one.. Alberto... luckily he did not come here, but we know it's summer when those storms start up. And we're having nice warm weather with lots of flowers blooming.  And the water in the pool is getting warmer and HH goes in every day now.

So, I thought it was time to try on my outfits for summer, just in case HH decides to take us to the beach to see that big litter box by the ocean.  Bugsy says she won't take us, but a guy's gotta have a dream, doesn't he?

Anyway, I hope the good weather is starting to stick where you live.  I am very thankful for living in Paradise.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adventures of Flat Max

Woooohooooo.... Flat Max is having the time of his life. You know he went to New York with Toni and Mike and then on a cruise with them. Then he went on another cruise with Mary Kay from the condos. That's the one with Tim Dorsey, the famous Florida author. Well, since then his life has been at a break-neck pace.

Lori from What Remains Now invited Max to go to Greyhounds in Gettysburg with them --them being Lori, Casper, Nikki, and Freedom.  What a wonderful adventure that was.  Flat Max not only got to see oodles of  historic scenery, but he met lots of great woofies during the trip.

Here's just a little highlight of it. 

First of all, here's Lori with Flat Max.  They hit it off right away because she had a yellow coat and so does Flat Max. 
Lori and Flat Max posing by a fence.

Flat Max didn't have his coat on in that picture, but here he is.  See why they got along so well. Similar taste in colors.....

Here's Flat Max with Nikki, Casper and Freedom. Aren't they beautiful dogs?
And here he is catching a little nap with Casper

Woo-hoo And here he is on top of the sign.... What a wonderful Trip...
Those are just a couple of the pictures.  Lori took lots and lots and they are all beautiful. Please go read about the trip if you didn't before by visiting their blog,  Click HERE

Because Flat Max has been on so many trips, I had HH make a tab for him up top there... See where it says, Adventures with Flat Max? Well, now you can click on that tab and go see the adventures of Flat Max anytime you want.

She made it just in time too, cuz Flat Max is off on three trips at once now.  First, he was invited by Toni's brother to go on a train with him to New York City and then Chicago... Well, Flat Max has not been to either of those places and he's never been on a train, so he said yes of course.

Here's Flat Max on the train with the Hudson River in the background.

Simultaneously, Flat Max #2 left with Howie from downstairs in the condo. They are off to Houston to visit some of Howie's friends.  He's hoping to see some ten-gallon hats out there.  He'll be back next week, so we'll wait on pictures of that trip.

The third trip starts on Wednesday. It's MaryKay again. She's taking Flat Max #3 with her for the whole summer...  First they are starting with a cruise... I'll tell you the rest of the trip as it unfolds.

Anyway,  just wanted to let you know that there will be many more Flat Max Adventures coming soon.  Stay tuned pals...

And speaking of "tuned".... I haven't forgotten that it's Tooooona Tuesday.  Grab yourself some tuna and enjoy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Max on ... Cat Behavior

Let me tell you about The Boys (Bugsy and Knuckes, that is). They can be a hand full. That's for sure. However, I think between my mentoring and HH's split-second reflexes, we have done right by them in shaping appropriate cat behavior. It wasn't always easy though. You do remember this, don't you?

and this?

Here are our keys to shaping good cat behavior:
  • set a good example - e.g., HH never stands on top of the china cabinet or tries to climb into a cupboard when the boys are watching 
  •  if possible, ignore inappropriate behavior, while... 
  •  rewarding appropriate cat behavior (with treats, love, a nice tone of voice) 
  •  be consistent 
  •  be consistent 
  •  be consistent
Currently, HH is working on lengthening her sleeping time—she's just not too fond of getting up every day at 4:00 am. So, when Knuckles and Bugsy try to get up that early, she ignores them. That means she does not twitch, does not move, and does not even breathe when they start moving around. 

She's trying to add 5 minutes of sleeping time every day. Essentially, at the goal time, she waits for good cat behavior—no jumping, no head bumping, no toe biting, etc.—before getting up.  When they are quiet, she jumps from the bed and makes a big deal out of getting up. 

Currently, she has been successful in shaping this one cat behavior by 45 minutes. Eventually, she's shooting for 6:00 am. We'll get there.  

Remember, be consistent and have a great Easy Like Sunday.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Max on... Cat Nutrition

Yea!!!  HH stopped Bugsy from eating my food.

Good morning pals...

 Today, I thought I'd give you a little update on cat nutrition over here. 

 I'm happy to report that Bugsy and Knuckles are doing a little better in that department. A few days ago, I told you that Bugsy, sly boy that he is, was stealing part of Knuckles' food at almost every meal. Consequently, Knuckles was getting trimmer and Bugsy was... (I hate pointing a paw at him and saying he was getting fatter - such an ugly term) ... well, let's just say, Bugsy was not losing any weight and was working earnestly to collect more fat cells.  YIKES!

For now, HH has solved the problem by putting a chair between their dishes and policing the proceedings. In the short term, this is working.  Now when Bugsy lunges for Knuckles' food, HH scoops him up and doesn't let him down until Knuckles is finished. I can't say Bugsy is too happy with this interference, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Right?

HH knows, however, that in the long run, she needs to study up on cat nutrition and make sure the boys have the best diet for their needs.  That would be one that will keep them healthy and full.  

 Already she has learned that protein is one of the keys to feeling full. She learned that from her own dietician who tells her to eat an egg before exercising... yuck!  Anyhooooo... HH has also learned that a good feeding schedule is important to cat nutrition too. So those are the things that we are going to work on next.

Shhhhh... please send treats!! 
Have a great day and if you're skinny, eat a treat for Bugsy... such a cute boy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Max on... being a pet.

...on being a pet

At times, it's good to take stock of why human beans and animals pair up the way they do. I may have some students looking at this post in the near future. I wanted to show them what it means to be a pet and to be a pet's human bean. So today, I'm waxing philosophical about what I see as the benefits derived from such a partnership.

Benefits to the pets:
  • we are not homeless because of you
  • we have food in our bellies every day
  • we don't have to sleep out of doors when the weather is nasty
  • we get lots of petting and love because of you
Benefits to the beans:
  • we provide unlimited head bumps
  • we provide unlimited purrs or woofs
  • we aim to  provide alarm clock services (e.g. waking you up in the morning whether you want it or not)
  • we let you play with our toys
  • we provide watch-cat or watchdog services
  • we give limitless unconditional love.
 I think that about sums it up.  Please add the ones I've forgotten in the comments section.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Max on Update on Sammie

An update on Sammie... you know that our friends Toni and Mike adopted him. Well, I'm glad to report that he has adjusted well to his new home.  They thought they might have to put up some stairs for him to get up on the furniture, but he's finding his own innovative ways.  For example, when Mike's sitting in his easy chair, Sammie just runs up his extended legs and settles on his chest for a nap.  That shows right there that he loves his new home.

Here are a couple pictures of him and a reminder that he came from if you want to see a little information about them.

You can tell Sammie likes the flashie box. He's posing like a pro.

Sammie sleeping:  He's such a cute boy!

Have a great day and ....Oh....... Flat Max is at it again. He left today on the train with Toni's brother. He's going to New York City and then Chicago.  Pictures to follow after they finish their trip.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Tooona Tuesday.... doing the happy dance over here.

Max: thoughts on portion control.
Good Morning....  The boys are doing the happy dance for Toooona Tuesday. They love their food, but HH did make a food discovery this week, so before we move on to the Tooona, let's talk food.

Hungry.... Knuckles has been acting particularly hungry lately. You know that HH had experimented with self-monitored feedings... meaning the boys ate when they wanted and how much they wanted.  She had hoped common sense would prevail. Alas! It did not.

Oh, Knuckles did well at the common sense of eating when hungry and finding something else to do when not hungry. Bugsy, however, made the most of the freedom at the food dish and just couldn't self-regulate.

So, to keep Bugsy from gaining too much, HH switched to feeding them according to portion sizes a coupla times a day.

Weight-wise, Knuckles is doing well.... and Bugsy is slowly losing the little that he gained.

The PROBLEM... Knuckles, as I said earlier, has been acting as if he's starving.  It was confusing HH until day before yesterday. She walked back into where the boys eat and found Bugsy eating Knuckles' food.

Yes, I am truly sorry I at Knuckles food....  "Sorry Knuckles!"

HH can only guess that Bugsy has been quickly shoveling his own food into his cute little mouth and then moving on to Knuckles' dish. And, Knuckles, the accommodating brother, just politely moved aside and watched Bugsy chow down...  No wonder Bugsy isn't losing as quickly as HH thought he should.

Now that she knows what's going on, HH will monitor their feeding time and make sure Bugsy sticks to his diet. So that's our update on the food situation over here. Problem Solved!

That said, it is indeed Tooona Tuesday. So, enjoy pals... Toona all arouind... in moderation, of course.

And remember.... Max loves ya!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Good Morning... Bugsy and Knuckles are ready for some bird watching on Mother's Day. They are sitting under HH's easle and just waiting for the Sand Hill Cranes to come by with their babies. 

Before they take a snooze, they wanted to remind you that
This sweet little girl, Boudicca, is looking for a "furever home" 
If you can help find her a home, or are interested in adopting her, feel free to email LAURA

You can go HERE to read more about her.

We also want to remind you that it's Mother's Day... We love this card that Ann made and wanted to share it with all of you mothers out there.  Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bugsy on TGIF

As you can tell, I'm really into Fridays. I'm the poster boy for TGIF. 

Now that OTR is behind us, we are looking forward to a weekend of playing with the toys... and maybe hiding a few... just in case we need secret access to them in the future.

Hope you have great plans for the weekend. Whatever you do, have a great one.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: One more for the pile...

OMC ... It's our 3rd Blogoversary... We forgot all about it.  If Nikita and Elvira hadn't mentioned it yesterday, then Marg mentioned it this morning.... we would have forgotten all about it.  This is a badge Judi made us last year.... we love it.

Thanks to all of you for another great year.... 

Have a great day everybuddy...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Operation Toy Retrieval: Complete

Just adding this one more thing to the pile and I'm ready to report on Operation Toy Retrieval

Knuckles reporting in:

It took a little longer than we thought, but Bugsy and I, with the help of HH, Large Yellow Duck, and Medium Yellow Chick, think that we have retrieved all of the toys that were missing.  Here's how the operation went:

First, I organized the helpers.

I had Large Yellow Duck and Medium Yellow Chick take a look behind the couch to see if it was worth our while to move it. It's a very heavy couch and we didn't want to move it unless we had to.

 Large Yellow Duck reported that he thought we'd find plenty down there,

So, HH moved the couch and Bugsy and I went into retrieval mode.  We pulled toys from under the counch and HH picked them up and piled them on the couch. Here Bugsy's digging for one last mouse.

Then, just to make sure we didn't miss anything, Bugsy searched behind the cushions while I started to inventory the results of our search.

Here I am, resting beside our haul.  The inventory is:

1 large yellow duck
1 large yellow chick
1 Snoopy
1 dalmatian
2 medium cows
1 little cow
1 flamingo
2 fish
1 blue rope dog
1 nip pants cat
1 set of kissing fish
1 ball with feathers
10 regular balls
1 jingle ball large
1 feather wand
1 tape measure (old)
1 tape measure (new... still in the package)
1 turbo track
1 tunnel
1 small noisy chick
1 gurgle fish
1 Conscious Cat Mod Shaker

Woooohooooooooooooooooooo, what a haul!!!!  We are beyond thrilled to have all our toys back. Granted, we are in the process of hiding some of the more valuable ones, but that's our nature. 

I think we are set for a while. We certainly won't need an Operation Toy Retrieval Day for a week or two (hee hee), but next time I'll let you know ahead of time, so you can all join in.

Have a great day, everybuddy. I'm gonna go sit on the pile of toys and now.... Nap Time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Moon and Flat Max - all in one post...

Good Morning....

This is the moon rising from last night. HH went down to the beach to see it and this is when it was first coming up. It was a bit hazy there, but they could still see how big it was.

Today.... we're continuing Operation Toy Retrieval and Knuckles will have the results for you tomorrow.

Please stop by  What Remains Now today.   Flat Max has been off on some new travels and they've put up a wonderful post about his trip..

Have a wonderful Easy Like Sunday, everybuddy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bugsy on Weekend Plans

Doing the Happy Friday Dance over here....  HH is all excited (and we're sorry to mention this to all you folks up north who are still having cold weather) cuz the water in the condo pool reached 80 degrees today.  That's an acceptable temperature as far as HH is concerned.

So HH is looking forward to swimming in the pool this weekend.... Yay... we're all for that. Now that she has opened the front bedroom, we can watch her from the windows in there -- if we're not asleep...

In addition, we've been very busy with all of our toys lately and HH mentioned that many of them seem to be missing.  She thinks that maybe it's time for another day devoted to Operation Toy Retrieval (OTR). This is where HH moves the couches and we scoot in to welcome all our toys back into the fold.  I think there are quite a few balls and pens and pencils under them. We have two couches, so it could take a little while to take inventory.  Knuckles will report the results of OTR on Sunday or Monday.

That's about all we have planned for the weekend.  What's up with you?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toona Tuesday with Bugsy and Knuckles

Happy Toona Tuesday everybuddy. It's a miracle on Tuesday, too.  HH's desk was actually clean enough for us to sit side by side on it.  Yep... miracle!!!

We have to give HH some kudos today.  She has been working hard to reorganize all her blogs and her writing to make time to finish the book she's writing.  Day before yesterday, she had seven blogs and now she has 4 blogs...  We were very worried as we watched her make a to do list. As the day progressed, she started crossing things off and started making goals.

For a few minutes there, we thought we were going to be part of the downsizing, but she assured us that our blog will go on and on. Whew.... we are very relieved.

And because we are very relieved.... we are ready to have a Toona Tuesday Party... we do love our tuna.

Help Yourself...

Not me.... I'm no tuna....


P.S..... Go visit my pals Freedom, Casper, and Nikki at What Remains Now... They went to a Greyhound Convention in Gettysburg. ...