Saturday, June 16, 2012

We are hosting the Turbo Track Event for the Olympics

As you can see we are working hard preparing for Turbo Track
Bugsy and Knuckles here...

We are so excited. We are hosting the Turbo Track Event during the Olympics..... Start practicing now and please enter our event by sending us pictures of you doing the Turbo Track. The pictures are due to us between July 9 and July 18. Send your pictures to us at

As you can see, the Turbo Track event is on Friday, August 10... Don't miss it.

We hope all of you will enter.

Here's a demo by us of Turbo Track Action...  (this is when we first got our track... much faster now ...)

And.... here's the full schedule of events in case you want to enter others too.

Fri. July 27th.    OPENING  Entertainment Extravaganza,  Parade of Athletes, and  Short..Speech
Sat. July 28th.    Window Nose Art / Snot Smears
Sun. July 29th    Crazy Sleeping SINGLES
                            Synchronized Sleepers
                              Bouncing......   Narrative Style
Mon. July 30th   Cross Neighborhood Walkabout
                            Catch me IF you Can
                                  BEACH Ball
Tues. July 31st   Gymnastics
                             Couch Potato  Peeling
Wed. Aug. 1st    Tongue Curling / aka  the Raspberry
                            Critter Stalking
Thur. Aug. 2nd    Stick (s)
                             Pole Jumping
Fri. Aug. 3rd.       Marathon Chewing
Sat. Aug. 4th.       Tuneful Farting
                              Keep Away
Sun. Aug. 5th       Equestrian
                              Camera Avoidance Tai Kwon Do
Mon. Aug. 6th     Synchronized Peeing
Tues. Aug. 7th.    Free Style Zoomies
                             Roaching and Rolling
Wed. Aug. 8th.    Squirrel Hurdles
                             DRAW your Peeple
                                 Snack Sack Race
Thurs. Aug.9th.   Boxing
                             EXTREME Weather Sports
Fri. Aug. 10th.    Turbo Track
                             Snoopendous SniffAthon
Sat. Aug. 11th.    The Great Tennis Ball Tournament
                             Bathtub Wrestling
Sun. Aug. 12th.   Closing Ceremony

What a wonderful line-up.... we can't wait...!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Our mom's been trying to get a good pic of me with the turbo track, though hasn't had much luck yet. She complains I don't play with it enough and when I do, I manage to turn myself away from the camera all the time.

I say tough. She's interrupting me!


Simba said...

Awesome lineup and how great that you are hosting Turbo Track! We will come and watch, because we are not turbotrackers ourselves.

Finn said...

This is such a great toy! Hope you guys are training hard!

Layla ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

MOL. I think we've s hoo-in for the SniffAthon. If you get bored, join us for our naughty dance party. Have a great weekend!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Tutu says this is an event she wants to enter so she's going to get busy now. :)

The Chair Speaks said...

We don't have the turbo-track; our human do not want us to get hurt. We look forward to watching the event. Purrs!

Ginger Jasper said...

THis is deffo my event so I will get practicing.. Lots off fun coming for sure.. Hugs GJ xx

Sparkle said...

We love our Turbo Track but it is always getting shunted off somewhere, so we definitely don't get enough practice time!

marg said...

Wow, that is some lineup.Sure looks like a lot of fun coming up. Can't wait. Take care.

Madi and Mom said...

MOL Bugsy and deserved a nap after that very energetic video!!
That made me smile
Hugs Madi your BFF

Carolyn said...

Looks like oodles of fun!! Austin would win the tongue curling event I think lol

Brian said...

You boys really need to take a break!

The Island Cats said...

Zoey says she wants to enter this competition! She's good at turbo tracking!

Prancer Pie said...

You guyz are purrfessionals!