Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bugsy and Knuckles Turn Two Years Old Today

Bugsy and Knuckles on the way home on Gotcha Day

Max Here.... I just want to say Happy Birthday to the boys before I give the blog over to HH.  She wants to post today in honor of the Boys' birthdays.  So, of course I said okie-dokie with me.  But first, I want to wish the boys Happy Birthday.  Our friend Suzanne took this picture of Bugsy and Knuckles on the day that HH went to the North Brevard Humane Society to pick them up.  Aren't they cute?

Now they are full grown, but they are still acting like kittens.  It has been my pleasure to mentor them over the year and a half they have been with HH.  So.... Happy Birthday Boys.... remember... Max loves ya!!!

HH Here... Happy Birthday boys.  On their last birthday and at Christmas, I gave the boys lots and lots of presents.  They have toys galore.  So, I decided to paint a picture of each of the boys for their birthday... Here they are... I think I have captured the whimsy and the true spirit of each of them.

Bugsy's picture is called, Bugsy's New Friend.  It's in Bugsy's nature to make "friends" with everything, and since he is the most avid watcher of Bird TV, his new friend in his picture is a bird...

Bugsy's New Friend

Knuckles picture is of him swimming in the ocean.  He seems to hang around the sink alot and I think if we had our own pool, he would be in it all the time.  Therefore his picture is Knuckles the Catfish...

Knuckles the Catfish

Happy Birthday, Bugsy and Knuckles...... Love HH

Bugsy and Knuckles here.....

It's our birthday and it's Tooona Tuesday too.... Everybuddy join in and have some Toooona with us.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Entertainment: Flat Max, Miki, Susan and the Wonderful Olympic Smilebox

Happy Easy Like Sunday. We sure are enjoying the Olympics. Weenie, Mona and the Mommy made a wonderful smilebox presentation of the hosts and the events... I've posted it just in case you missed it.

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Also... received this picture from Flat Max and Susan. They posed with Miki at Dave's Coffee
in Charlestown, RI... 

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Today is the Start of the Olympics. Don't miss even one event.

 We are so excited.. The Olympics start today. Each Day Frankie Furter will post the day's events and links to them.  Don't miss any of them.

Speaking of the Olympics... We are the hosts of the Turbo Track Event. In honor of that, we have put up our Olympic Banner by Ann of Zoolatry. It will be up all during the Olympics, enjoy. We hope you are all practicing your skills in all the events so you'll be ready.

Update on Flat Max.... During all this Olympics excitement, we can't forget Flat Max. He's still on his trip.  Yesterday he made a new friend.  He met up with Miki, a Pekinese for whom Susan used to dog sit in Westerly RI. They got on quite well as you can see.

 Keep enjoying your trip, Flat Max.... and everybuddy else.... Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flat Max is in New England...

Yesterday  I received word that Flat Max and Susan had made it to New England where they will be visiting her family and friends.  He sent this picture of them on their way to Westerly and to something called Blues on the Beach... Sounds like a party to me.

After that, HH received another picture of Susan, Flat Max and her friends at the Red Couch Studio. (Look... is that THE red couch he's sitting on? If not, it's a pretty big coincidence).  It's my guess, but  I imagine that is the art studio of Susan's friends as Susan is an artist and had a studio up there when she lived in that area. Don't worry... when Susan returns, I'll get the full story out of her. For now, enjoy the wonderful pictures...

Anyway, Flat Max is having a great time.  Oh...oh... is that wine.... I guess Flat Max is really having a great time.... and look, that bottle of wine was made by Labs... Ha!!!  

I hope he remembers to watch the Cat and Dog Olympics starting tomorrow...

It's Thankful Thursday... and we're thankful for Susan taking Flat Max on this trip.

Have a great day everybuddy!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flat Max and Susan Stop off in Savannah on First NIght of Trip

Bugsy here.... 

I get the honor of posting the next Flat Max picture. This one just came in this morning. Flat Max and Susan stopped off in Savannah, Georgia, last night and stayed with her friends Sylvia and Jake.

Flat Max got to sleep in a real bed and you know what?  That bed had a quilt on it.  You know how Max loves quilts. Well, that was super.

So here's today's picture. It's of Flat Max with Sylvia and Jake.  

Do not be alarmed that they are holding up a newspaper. It is not a hostage situation. I'm sure they are just showing us that Flat Max is really in beautiful Savannah.....

On behalf of Flat Max, thanks to Jake and Sylvia for the wonderful hospitality....


One more bit of news... We heard that Mahoney over at Marg's is not feeling well.  We're sending purrrrs over to him today.  That's for sure.Visit them at http://www.margsanimals.com

Max on Flat Max to New England -- Back Seat Driver

This just in.... Flat Max is off on another adventure.  Max here... and I must say that I am astounded at how frequently Flat Max is traveling these days.  And I must say that I'm a little jealous.... jealous until I remember that I don't like to go in the car. So better him than me.

Here he is with HH's friend Susan. She's off to visit her family in New England for a couple of weeks and Flat Max was invited along.  And... look at that, he has the best seat in the car too. It's a perfect seat to back-seat drive.  I know he'll have fun on the trip and we'll bring your more details as they occur.

Note.... Flat Max reported in one more time yesterday. They stopped for the night in Savannah.  He sent this picture as the lights were turned out.  

One more bit of news... We heard that Mahoney over at Marg's is not feeling well.  We're sending purrrrs over to him today.  That's for sure.Visit them at http://www.margsanimals.com

Have a great week everybuddy.....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Max on Inspiration

It's time for Easy Like Sunday. With all the practicing we've been putting in for the Olympics competition, it really is time for a nap.  But first.  Here's my new inspiration.

I found this the other day and it's our new motto...

Thanks to the creator of this inspirational photo... It's the driving force behind our training.

Have a great day everybuddy.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Have a great day, everybuddy!

 And, enjoy the weekend!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

We are very sad.... our friend Alex has gone to the rainbow bridge.

Sweet Alex from feeling beachie... we will miss you.  Sending our purrrrrrs to your family and friends.

hugs from Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

The Open House... and the puppy

Knuckles here (with Bugsy in the background)... Big doings here yesterday and we snoozed (Easy Like Sunday) right through it.

Flat Max however got in on the action. You see, there was an Open House at HH's studio and one of her stuido-mates was babysitting a puppy... Well Flat Max, being as he lives at the studio now... he got to have his picture taken with the puppy and with his good friend Helen who stopped by for the Open House. You following me.... Well here's the picture of Helen (you remember her, she's one of the artists from the Halloween pictures you can see here artwork here), Flat Max and Tango the puppy.  A great time was had by all.

The puppy was cute, but he did steal a little of the attention away from Flat Max.... Oh well., Flat Max knows he's always number 1 with Helen...

Here's another picture of just the two of them.

Even though we weren't invited to the Open House, Bugsy and I are glad that everybuddy had a good time.

Have a great day.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy Like Sunday and Blog the Change

 Today is Easy like Sunday for sure, but first we have a little business to conduct.  First of all, it's July 15 and that's the day to Blog the Change

Be sure you are the change for animals...

The next bit of business before we head off to our nap for Easy Like Sunday is for you to check the list of Turbo Track contestants... Make sure you are on the list if you sent HH an entry. Let her know at maxthequiltcat@gmail.com if you entered and your name was left off.

so far the contestants are...

Nicki of Fuzzy Tales
Ellie of  Friends FurEver
Cousin Trooper of Friends FurEver
Madi of Madi and Mom
Ginger Jasper from Ginger Jasper
Domino of  Kwee Cats
Sneaky Pie of Kwee Cats
Marley of Mark's Mews
Ayla of Mark's Mews
Iza of Mark's Mews
Tim of Random Felines
Tom of Random Felines
Doc of Random Felines
Nugget of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
Odessa of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
Claude of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
Molly of Molly the Wally
Lily Belle of  Loveable Lily
Sarge of Sarge Speaks Out
Wally of The Island Cats
Ernie of The Island Cats
Zoey of The Island Cats

Okay... now time for our nap.  Have a great day, everybuddy...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Olympics update

Getting Ready for the Olympics......

We're checking our lists over and over... if you aren't on the list below and you've entered... send us an email at maxthequiltcat@gmail.com

We are getting ready for the Turbo Track competition over here...

so far the contestants are...

Nicki of Fuzzy Tales
Ellie of  Friends FurEver
Cousin Trooper of Friends FurEver
Madi of Madi and Mom
Ginger Jasper from Ginger Jasper
Domino of  Kwee Cats
Sneaky Pie of Kwee Cats
Marley of Mark's Mews
Ayla of Mark's Mews
Iza of Mark's Mews
Tim of Random Felines
Tom of Random Felines
Doc of Random Felines
Nugget of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
Odessa of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
Claude of The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd

clap your paws together for these great athletes everybuddy... we are thrilled with those who have entered so far, but there is still time.

Send your entries to me at maxthequiltcat@gmail.com

And here's another reminder...This is very important...do it today...    Attention all athletes and hosts... Please don't forget to send one picture of yourself to POSIE for the Parade of the Athletes on July 27. Her email address is posiedorg(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turbo Trackn Entries on Tooona Tuesday

Yes, it's Toooona Tuesday and that is on my mind more than anything of course, but first another reminder that today is one of those days when you're supposed to send me your turbo track entries for the Olympics.

Remember... you don't have to use the official Turbo Track to enter... be creative if you want. Send your entries to me at maxthequiltcat@gmail.com

Bugsy and Knuckles in a doubles match.
so far the contestants are...

Nicki of Fuzzy Tales
Ellie of  Friends FurEver
Cousin Trooper of Friends FurEver
Madi of Madi and Mom

Thank you all for sending in your pictures.  I'm watching the email for more.

Now... on to the main event of the day..... TOOOOOONA

Happy TOONA TUESDAY everybuddy!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Turbo Track Entries Now Accepted..... Olympics... Enter Now

Good morning pals... Please send in your pictures for entry into the Turbo Track competition in the Cat and Dog Olympics.  All cats, dogs, etc welcome to enter. You don't have to have a specific Turbo Track to enter. You can enter your own version of the turbo track and we'll love the competition just the same.

Send your pictures to me at maxthequiltcat@gmail.com

Yay!!! I'm loving it.  Please don't forget to tell who you are in the email.

Have a great day.... I'm zooming over the email box to wait for your entries.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sliding is fun...

A friend sent this to HH. We loved it. The only thing better would be if it were a water slide... Have a great day. We're getting our easy on.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Knuckles on Satruday

Good morning, pals.  Knuckles here... I'm in black and white today. I'm not sure why.  Just a little whim HH got I suppose.  Anyway, we are looking forward to the weekend here. We're hoping the boomies for July 4th are over and we can resume our patrol of the windows for normal things like birds and bugs.  Yep.. that's what we like, birdas and bugs.  If you've got any extra, send 'em  over. 

I'm just stopping by to wish you all a happy weekend and I want to say that I hope you kitties where it's super, super hot are staying cool.  We're thinking about you.

Have a great day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flat Max goes to Switzerland... What a trip!!!

Flat Max here.... I have returned from Switzerland. It was a whirlwind trip.  I mean. I went to the book club at Lois' house with HH.  I just expected to say a few words to the book club members and let HH do the rest. Well, Linda (one of the members of the book club) mentioned that she'd only be able to stay a few minutes. So, HH introduced me to the book club early and she explained that I liked to travel with people. 

Long story short.... Linda was packing for a trip to Switzerland... and 10 minutes into the meeting, I left with her to help her finish packing and to go on the trip with her.

What a great trip!!!  I loved every minute of it.  Above you will see me sitting among the flowers on the Rhine River in Zurich, Switzerland. Beautiful, right?  No, not the flowers... My furs look beautiful with the flowers surrounding them, right?  It was a great spot to sit.  


... here I am having a chat with some of the locals in Stein am Rhine in Switzerland. See those ducks behind us. They were trying to eavesdrop on our conversation. MOL.  Had a great time exchanging customs with these fellows, though. They were a bit stiff at first, but I loosened them up.

My final picture is my favorite..... 

...we wnet to the Montreux Jazz Festival and we stopped for a glass of wine afterward. What a nice outdoor spot we picked for the afternoon.

Well, I must tell you that I had such a great time on the trip with Linda, that HH has agreed that I can go with her again.

Thanks Linda for taking me along.  (And if you guys in that second picture are reading this, don't worry, I'm gonna send you an email soon. We'll stay in touch for sure).  

It's Thankful Thursday... And I'm thankful for traveling far and wide... That's for sure.

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tasty Tuesday ... The day we discovered canned food...

Bugsy here, ... We are so excited.  We do love Tuna Tuesday, but today we have something even better.  It's Tasty Tuesday. You won't guess what happened to us.... So, I'll tell ya.

A package came to the house yesterday just for us.  Knuckles and I pushed it around for a while... It was from Mr. Chewy so we knew it had to be something good ...

then HH helped us open it... what was inside?

It was a gazillion cans of Natural Balance Ultra Formula.... it says chicken on the ingredients...

 At first HH put it in a dish -- can and all-- to photograph it.  I started to think that it was just some prop for photography, but then she opened it.

First we caught a whiff of it.... On Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

Then she gave us each our own little bowls of it.  As you can see, we highly recommend it. Yummy....That's for sure. And HH is happy that it's good for us too.

Now our eyes are open. You see, we eat dry food all the time.  Remember this date. It's the date that our lives changed... Right Knuckles?

Right, Bugs.... Yummmmmm.

Thanks Mr. Chewy
Thanks. Mr. Chewy

Visit Mr. Chewy and get some for yourself... And remember, when you buy over $49 of goodness, Mr. Chewy pays the postage.  That's a good thing too.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're not sure Easy Like Sunday is gonna be that Easy today. Bugsy seems to have a fully charged battery and is ready to play. This morning, HH just opened the closet and there he went right to the highest box... So, we're waiting for him to come down from there.

Hey Knuckles...... na, na, na, na, na..... betcha can't get me.
We're sending good thoughts to all our pals out there who don't have power.  Wish we could send you some and we hope your power returns right away.

pawhugs.... Max