Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We've Moved --- and we love our new home...

I know it's not Christmas yet. I'm just posing with the bird to get your attention.

Please follow us to our new home......HERE

 Thank you very much.... hugs, BUGSY

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We're moving... but you're coming with us I hope...

dca7c-bkatwork Oh...Oh... HH has her panties all twisted up.  (Just a figure of  speech...)  She has an announcement.  We are nervous... Can this be good?  Don't know....

Our new address is....


This is what she wrote on her other blog this morning.....

I have had two cat blogs in my day. One was about Max the Quilt Cat and the other was about HH and The Boys (HH... that's me... is short for Her Highness). The boys are my current cats, Bugsy and Knuckles.

 I love telling the stories of the cats; but with blogs on writing and art and the two other blogs (Florida Book News and Brevard Art News) that I write to help Florida artists and writers; I've had to consolidate -- just not enough hours in the day. 

 I hope all of you, who follow Bugsy and Knuckles, will follow them over here (Note from Knuckles... "Here" means at www.loubelcher.com). I'll be keeping you up to date a couple of times a week on their antics and their opinions of my opinions... 

We'll try hard to have articles and postings of interest to all of you.. So go to LouBelcher.com and sign on to receive the posts by email (or though RSS feed or whatever you do) if you want. And you know we love comments. 

So, drop on by.... 


 Lou and The Boys

So that's what she wrote... And you know what?. HH has been jumping around trying to do it all for so long.... but we haven't been able to comment much and we haven't been able to read your blogs as much as before, so we have our paws crossed that this will solve the problem.

Bugsy and I will still have our voice and get our pictures took and posted, and HH will have more time to post with everything all on one blog.  Hope it works for you, cuz we love you all and of course.... you know that Max loves you too.

See you at our new digs....

Hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Funny Farm Felines are a big hit in New Hampshire

You know these kitties for sure. They are the famous Funny Farm Felines.  If you don't know them, please go visit their blog 

Well,  these are the portraits that HH painted of them during the 30 day challenge.  And today, since it's Thankful Thursday, we are here to tell you we are thankful for them and thankful for their portraits. 

Why, you ask? You know we've been selling some of the paintings on the For Amy site to raise funds for Amy.... (You can read about that over there.)  Well, in addition to the on-line fund raiser, this past Friday night there was an in-person fund raiser in New Hampshire too... To participate in that, HH and her friend Sheila decided that the Funny Farm Felines are so cute as a group that they needed to make a personal appearance at the fund raiser.  So, Sheila shipped them all up there.

WOW... they were a huge hit and brought in $250 for the cause and they found a wonderful home where they will be able to hang together forever.

So... thank you Funny Farm Felines for posing for the portraits and thank you Jan for sending countless photos to help HH paint them...

Have a great day everybuddy.

hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Don't forget to set your clocks tonight...

We start early  over here thinking about the time change.  Finally, it's time to get ready for the big change on Sunday morning.

What's your morning routine?  We love this time of year. It's FALL BACK time.  That means we'll get our breakfast one hour (and if we play our cards right, maybe even two hours early).

Here's how it works for us

6AM - Daily Savings Time.. we get our breakfast... In order to make sure it's on time, we start doing zoomies on HH's body at 5AM.  Sometimes, she lasts until 6AM, sometimes not.

On Sunday, the  worst case is we'll get our food one hour early with 5:00AM being the new 6:00AM. We will start our zoomies at the new 5:00AM which is the old 4:00AM....Dizzy yet?

Long story short: We're hoping HH will be so confused by the time change, she'll feed us 2 hours early...

Any Questions....?